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4/10/2008 c6 3justification to wormtail
I love the end to the 6th chapter! Great story - =D
12/2/2007 c6 235redroses
Random. Yeah, that's about it, all I can say. Good though. : )
10/13/2007 c6 Aequalitas
LOVE IT! Snogging contests. Amazing beyond amazing. :-)
10/7/2007 c1 taco
It sucked! I couldn't even find the acual story! Guess who? I'll give you a hint, I created humanity!
10/7/2007 c6 34LadyAnalyn
"Be prepared!" "Be prepared for what?" "For the death of the king" "Why is he sick?"

Sorry, couldn't resist, every time I hear the words 'be prepared', I want to sing Scar's song. Anyway, I think I liked this one the best even though I myself wouldn't put Remus in make-up but it's always funny when it happens.
10/7/2007 c5 LadyAnalyn
Also cute, you picked some great authors and I am just honored that I am among them. You have no idea how good that makes me feel.
10/7/2007 c4 LadyAnalyn
Do they even have PetCos in Britain? Oh well, I still liked this one, it was cute, give the author my regards. I just love alternate universes.
10/7/2007 c2 LadyAnalyn
The other day I just skimmed through this cause I was in a hurry, but I like the concept, tell the author 'great job' for me. I was a little confused but still I liked it.
10/6/2007 c4 BlackLawliet
Ah...Angst enrusted ground...orange sheep of the flock is actually the only one who understands my twisted mind... Go orange!
10/5/2007 c6 SiriusScruffy
Really great one-shots. I'm very flattered you chose me to be your no. 4. I hope you do another collection

10/5/2007 c3 LadyAnalyn
I'm going to read the rest later, but so far so good.
10/5/2007 c5 19IceSnowAndGlamour
I didn't know you thought my plotbunnies were bizarre... I'm flattered! I love these other fics too *YAY*

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