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9/5/2012 c5 6mudpuddledemon
Ok, I'm intrigued.
7/27/2009 c5 angel19872006
I wouldn't wont to be her to be telling him the News...please update
6/24/2009 c5 7EmiJa
are you going to continue this story?
11/9/2008 c5 12Sincosma
this has to be the best riddick fic i've read so far.

great work.



please update soon?
10/7/2008 c5 2Kail Kaiser
I really love this story! It's such a interesting story line. I hope you update soon. I must know riddicks reaction!
8/24/2008 c5 22Texanlady
I am a big fan of this story. I like that you didn't bring Kyra back and everything is suddenly fine. So many of the fanfictions here have her suddenly back from the dead and her and Riddick are suddenly together. I like that you gave such significance to her having a hard time overcoming the transition. Death is a major thing and not to be taken lightly.

Also, I love how Jack had those hallucinations of Riddick hurting her. I think it adds great conflict to the story line, and I can't wait to see how that plays out in the story.

I would however like to see some memories from Riddick. Maybe some flashbacks of his time with Jack, and why she has become so special to him. Also, maybe some internal dialogue from Riddick on why it is so important that Jack not forget him, and why having her back is not enough.

All in all, this is a great story and you have a wonderful style of writing.


7/26/2008 c5 3lamyka
I hope my reviews don't keep getting error msges. I'm enjoying this one so far and seeing where it's going. Keep it up hun!
7/19/2008 c1 6AZTECPHENOM
Whoa! Hold the freaking phone! How the hell did I miss this story? This is great! The dialogue and everything...chapter 3 was pretty intense. Please tell me you're continuing this!
3/31/2008 c5 3Fima
I've read all the chapters in one set... All I can say: Great! Really enjoyable story. Not so typical CoR-never happened. Jack was brought back from the dead and has to struggle with being alive and remember everything.

I like your idea of Riddik's new ability - hearing thoughts. I really like it.

Keep on writing! I'd like to know what the Dame, Vaako's wife is plotting and how the Elemental will solve that little problem - how can she stay alive after "making" (it is to some degree her fault that the doctor gave Jach some drugs) Jack forget Riddik.

3/27/2008 c5 8Viomaat
Great last line!

Might watch the antecedent pronoun rule . . .
3/27/2008 c5 10demondeansgirl666
how interesting...very good...updatesoon
3/27/2008 c5 2Honey76
Very interesting especially the last part. I would have loved to watch his face while the Elemental tells him Kyra is a "situation" :-)
3/26/2008 c5 Karikocha
Oh, more.

It's not gonna be a Riddick/Kyra thing right?

Just curious.
2/17/2008 c4 Getaswoman
I must say that I LOVE your work! I have only begun to read Riddick/Kyra fiction, but so far yours is the best! I admire how you keep Riddick in character, most stories don't they make him...well not him. I truely look forward to the next chapter you post and hope u do so soon! Please hurry and post soon!


Sarah Beth
12/25/2007 c4 InanasChild
Just read all 4 chapters, loved it! Please keep going!
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