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for Epiphany of the Vague Road

9/20/2008 c2 xCrAzYxGuRlx
shame this seems to be discontinued it is such a good start to what would have been a very interesting fic i wont hold my breath for an update but what you did write should be complimented so i thought i would review anyways
9/17/2008 c2 Aaroneko
Intriguing. I think I like it! but it seems to have been a while since you've updated. You haven't stopped already, have you? Please don't. It's off to a good start from what I've read! don't let writer's block get to you! RESIST!
9/1/2008 c2 2Hell's Aphrodite
Is it too late to ask for an update? Yes, you could've written the two first chapters as one but aside from that I love stories where Dark is a slave and Krad is the master.
3/24/2008 c1 Mornie
...O_O don't tell me you've died again ! ... already? ...T_T...

2/7/2008 c2 Mornie
Yay! You live! Admittedly, I had been worried that you had decided to kill the fic before it really began! I like it! I'm getting all twitterful in my innards!
12/30/2007 c2 2Katherine Daystar
This is outstanding so far! Thank you kindly for giving Dark a backbone. The exchange rate with Japan can be very roughly approximated to 1 dollar per 100 yen, if that helps. Which makes Dark worth about $10,0 - not shabby at all hehe. I hope you have a chance to update soon! Have a great new year!
12/29/2007 c2 6Hikari Manganji
Oh awesome... Yay an update... this is so cool.. teehee.. I always love these kind of themes when Krad is the seme master and Dark is the uke slave but there is the cheekiness that is Dark in him despite being a slave.. woot... keep up the great work.. update soon again! ^_^
11/8/2007 c1 1Aikoia
Good beginning, do continue.
11/8/2007 c1 Minceo
very good xD I love it, if i could be dmand to log in I would add this to my favourties but i only have two mintues left Dx anyway, great work i hope you update this soon x3
10/16/2007 c1 Mornie
Fwe! Thank you! Finally, someone else has noticed the overbearingly-submissive-Dark plight! And I must say... from what I've read, I like your solution :) Me encanta. Please continue, as Mornie's curiosity has been thoroughly piqued and it keeps whining at me to ask you what happens!
10/6/2007 c1 Joelpuppy
Yes! Angsty, slave Dark who doesn't take s* is MUCH better XD.

This story seems like it's going to get much better than it already is. And I'm looking forward to it! :D
10/6/2007 c1 6Hikari Manganji
OMg.. this sounds interesting... I love KradDark slave stories, but yeah you're right,they make him too weepy... its nice to have a somewhat insolent uke-Dark~! :D Update soon and keep it up!
10/6/2007 c1 Thecrazydarkfangirl
Awesome story so far! please update soon

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