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10/15/2007 c5 7PhoebeTheQueenOfDragons
Kep going and soon
10/14/2007 c4 Ducklin
Love the story!
10/14/2007 c4 GigikwinxfanIndiscuse
I allways love a Flora and Helia story please don't kill Flora off or change her memorie so that she is love with Z something. Still very good is it now a Flora and Helia fanfic because it looked like a Bloom Sky affair in the first chapter. Still very good.Ta ta
10/14/2007 c4 8volleyball7
This is a great story! I love in chp 3 where Riven tried to kill all the boys who were whistling at Musa! So funny. You have a awesome talnet at writing! Continue please.

10/14/2007 c4 7PhoebeTheQueenOfDragons
OMG you have to keep going and soon
10/13/2007 c3 4gigikwinxfan
Very cool, I just love how Helia proposed to Flora, just Beautiful. And Cort with Daph very good part. Lovely chappie
10/13/2007 c3 7PhoebeTheQueenOfDragons
Keep going I like that chapter
10/8/2007 c2 4gigikwinxfan
Very cool oh and I have written a story called Do you belive and whanted to know if you had the time to review it My first story it is currently number six one the page and please read and review. I am starved for attention. Bye
10/8/2007 c2 7PhoebeTheQueenOfDragons
Keep going
10/7/2007 c1 4gigikwinxfan
A marvol and I don't say things like that to most storys about Bloom. But this was a marvol.
10/7/2007 c1 7PhoebeTheQueenOfDragons
Keep going I like it
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