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for Why I came back to Japan

10/10/2007 c7 1AngelEmCuti
aww please update^^
10/10/2007 c6 AngelEmCuti
great chapter please update^^
10/10/2007 c6 Mama
Kawai!Poor Kaho so please update soon!^^
10/10/2007 c5 who is He
Are you referring to God? Hate to burst your ethnocentric bubble, but Kaho is a Shinto miko, not Christian. She doesn't believe in a monotheistic God. And while Eriol's religious beliefs aren't explicit, it's VERY unlikely that he's a devout Christian, what with him CREATING LIFE and thus by Christian thought blaspheming and playing God. As for Tomoyo, well, she's Japanese, and only 1% of the population of Japan is Christian. Not to mention that the Amamiyas, on her mother's side, are VERY traditional.

And if you're doing "Japanese to English" translations, don't leave Japanese words in.
10/9/2007 c6 tomoyo-amethyst
nice chapter ! i wonder what's sonomi's reaction . update soon !
10/9/2007 c6 o
pls update.. so sweet!
10/9/2007 c5 AngelEmCuti
this is great i love it! please update^^
10/9/2007 c5 Mama
So sweet...please update soon!
10/9/2007 c4 Mama
WHERE IS THE NEXT? I really like this story so please update soon!^^
10/9/2007 c4 Guest
so cute! pls. update! i really want to know what will happen next!
10/8/2007 c3 4SerenitySoldier97
i really like the plot! It's one of my faves!
10/8/2007 c1 1AngelEmCuti
awsome!cool i like this. but this takes place 5 years after the second movie...ridht? well if so then they would not be 15, they would be 17, because they are about 12 years old in the second movie, so yeah... but the story is great^^
10/8/2007 c3 tomoyo-amethyst
nice story ! i love it ! update soon k ? (:
10/8/2007 c3 not so sweet
So, are you using manga!Eriol characterization, then? Please keep in mind that Eriol is an adult, the same age as Fujitaka, and so him pursuing Tomoyo is very much pedophilia. With some very especially nasty undertones, given that his "daughter" Nakuru looks older than Tomoyo, his "niece" Sakura is the same age, and because he looks like a child, he's deceiving Tomoyo about his true age.

Kudos for not bashing Kaho, though. Nice to see at least one E/T shipper realize that just because she has a relationship with Eriol in canon doesn't mean she's a slutty pedophile who is too horrible for Hell.
10/8/2007 c3 Mama
Good story so please update soon!^^
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