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4/4/2008 c17 5CocoaCollidoscope
"And he, who had survived because of it, who even now could not bear to live without it, would have followed them unfalteringly to the very ends of the earth."

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL last line.
4/4/2008 c15 CocoaCollidoscope
I see you were very good with your updates.
4/4/2008 c14 CocoaCollidoscope
No. And I wondered why you kept mentioning him, too. Well, subconsciously...
4/4/2008 c12 CocoaCollidoscope
Blah, I kind of knew it was coming. Oh, I want answers now!
4/4/2008 c11 CocoaCollidoscope
Ooh, I don't have much else to say. *clicks on next chapter*
4/4/2008 c10 CocoaCollidoscope
That's good. He needed her, what she needed the most. It took him a damn long time to understand that though. And so the Weasley temper comes with patience after all.
4/4/2008 c9 CocoaCollidoscope
I can hear the music.. Dun dun dun!
4/4/2008 c8 CocoaCollidoscope
Hm, interesting. I wonder what Harry remembered... Ahh well, I'll find out soon enough.
4/4/2008 c7 CocoaCollidoscope
That's a real funny story about how Hermione and Ron got engaged - I bet they'll spin a different tale for their kids. :)
4/4/2008 c6 CocoaCollidoscope
Backstories are always good - they help us not be confused! And I have no problems with Harry's reluctance to send the kids to school - he's a parent after all. And a parent who's been sought after for most of his life. Which is why Ginny is so frustrated - she knows where he's coming from.
4/4/2008 c5 CocoaCollidoscope
Really nice, progressive chapter. I like how things are unfolding., and love your attention to detail. (Such as Romulus, the name for Remus on Potterwatch.) It's not the Slug Club members that are mad at being overshadowed by Harry or his lack of giving Professor Slug his crystallized pineapples, is it? :) Heh.
4/4/2008 c4 CocoaCollidoscope
:( It's so sad.
4/4/2008 c3 CocoaCollidoscope
Oh poor Harry. At least he made the right choice by going to Ginny by himself. I can see her Weasley temper getting the better of her and having her think a bit irrationally.
4/4/2008 c2 CocoaCollidoscope
Yay! Harry's trying. Poor Harry and his paranoia... but what can one expect from someone who had to go up against Voldy and his minions for 7 years.
3/28/2008 c17 43WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
Oh, fantastic! Unexpected, but still very exciting . . . I love the maternal instinct Ginny and Hermione display. Such strong, no-backing-down women. Their character development is a real treat (I feel like I'm repeating myself here, but seriously, you write so well!)

This story really gets better and better the more you read it!
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