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3/19/2008 c18 111Tina101
Poor Bill, he'll just have to accept that his little girl isn't so little anymore. Anyway, I'm glad that everything worked out in the end, but I'm sad that there's only one more chapter left.

3/18/2008 c17 Tina101
Rose inherited her mother's brains, that's for sure!

3/18/2008 c16 Tina101
Harry's quick to think, I REALLY hope that things work out soon!

3/18/2008 c15 Tina101
Uh-huh, I'm sure Charlie and Bill were studying birds in that cave of theirs. Anyway, this was totally a filler chapter.

3/18/2008 c14 Tina101
OMG, there are just all these twists and turns in this story!

3/18/2008 c13 Tina101
Yeah, Teddy's okay. Not cool what happened though, hopefully they'll catch him soon.

3/17/2008 c12 Tina101

3/17/2008 c11 Tina101
Oh wow, a lot going on in this chapter. Hopefully Harry will get everything sorted out in the end.

3/17/2008 c10 Tina101
AWW! Incredibly adorable chapter. LOVED the return of the Fat Lady!

3/17/2008 c9 Tina101
Oh wow, what a way to end a chapter! I LOVED that part with Harry yelling at the owl, very amusing.

3/17/2008 c8 Tina101
I don't like Blaise, but it appears as if he's helped Harry figure out what's going on.

3/15/2008 c7 Tina101
Okay, either Blaise showing up is REALLY good or REALLY bad.

3/15/2008 c6 Tina101
I REALLY liked the Harry/James moment, very sweet and thoughtful.

3/15/2008 c5 Tina101
Substitute for sex? Okay then, I REALLY hope that they find Cormac soon, it would suck if James couldn't go off to Hogwarts with everyone else.

3/13/2008 c19 Lorelei Lynn
I really enjoyed this story (which I originally found on SIYE); there are far too few plot-driven mystery/adventure stories that explore the missing 19 years. The entire story was so well-done that I can't pick out a favorite thing. Excellent work!
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