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10/14/2015 c5 nayin17
Love George and his family. I like him and Katie than Angelina
10/14/2015 c4 nayin17
Love your Ginny. I really don't care about Harry and Ginny's second son, wish it's just James and Lily
10/14/2015 c2 nayin17
I hate it everytime Ginny will be the last to know. She doesn't deserves it from her husband.
10/14/2015 c1 nayin17
I'm glad Harry is the Head Auror but it's not good if his family especially his marriage will suffer
6/9/2015 c19 Astia2
A beautifully written story which had me on the edge of my seat. It made me both laugh and cry and had me go crazy with worry when the kids got lost. Please write more and continue with the exemplary works of fiction you are producing
Much love and admiration for your stories,
12/17/2014 c19 AvidReader4746
Thank you for writing such a wonderful epilogue. I felt that it wrapped things up rather nicely.
12/17/2014 c18 AvidReader4746
The descriptive language you used in this chapter was truly lovely. Great job.
12/17/2014 c17 AvidReader4746
I don't want this story to end!
12/17/2014 c16 AvidReader4746
Oooh- I can't wait to see what happens! You make reading a joy.
12/17/2014 c15 AvidReader4746
Every time I read another chapter, I get a little more jealous of your wonderful writing abilities.
12/17/2014 c14 AvidReader4746
12/17/2014 c13 AvidReader4746
Good stuff.
12/17/2014 c12 AvidReader4746
That ending! You really know how to create suspense.
12/17/2014 c11 AvidReader4746
I felt that your skills really shone through in this chapter. It looks like cliffhangers are fast becoming your specialty.
12/17/2014 c10 AvidReader4746
Nicely done.
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