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for Insanity As It Plays

12/31/2002 c10 7Aruraya
Aww..that was cute...and hilarious...and cute some more! Keep writing! This brightened up my day! : D
4/12/2002 c5 Heliotrope
I've only read 5 chapters of this, but so far i love it!

Had me crying with laughter at some points, this story is insanity at its greatest! ^_^
2/3/2002 c9 10Spiffy
GAACK! How could I have not read the last four chapters? These came out in summer 2000, and I finally come and read them Winter 2002. -_-;;

I have problems. Anywho, I loved it, and...yeah.
9/12/2001 c9 7Aruraya
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! I love this story! Write more! Write more! Write more! This was really, really funny! Ok, now my sister thinks I'm high, so I gotta go! Buh-bai!

9/10/2001 c6 FireFilly
I read one of the new chapters, but I haven't finidhed it yet! This is sooo, funny, especially the part about the pokemon in the play! ^-^
8/26/2001 c5 10Spiffy
Well,It took me a few hours to read this,but I'm damn happy I did! great job,I love it! =D
8/26/2001 c3 FireFilly
This is really funny! ^-^ It's more insane than something my friends and I would make up! (and that's saying something). I especially liked the whole thing with Chan-saw...

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