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7/30/2018 c5 Guest
Your story is crazy awesome. Did you know that your story here is like a mixture of Stargate, The Golden Compass, Divergent and one more thing that I can't put my finger on (it's the statues of the Sentinels! They cause a flicker of memory but I just can't remember it!)? Only...much more peaceful obviously. None the less it's really great and I love how eclectic and abstract this world is! The comparison of the room that Harry slept in how the interior reminded him of a seashell, that is simply amazing! It sort of reminds me of Barbie's Fairytopia movies with how the meadow fairies live in flowers I think it was. None the less I'm excited to read more chapters!
7/3/2017 c5 1emmalilly21
This is a stupid, confusing story line. But it has so much potential for greatness that I just can't stop reading! This is how I end up reading 800 pages before finally burning the damn 1200 page book for being shit!
2/4/2016 c5 MattKennedy
Such an amazing and fascinating story! And such a cliffhanger! I very much hope you continue the story sometime. :D
12/20/2015 c5 7rmiser1994
awesome! cant wait to read more!
1/14/2015 c5 Guest
This story is pretty wicked! Will you be coming back to continue?
9/21/2014 c5 murry21
i hate you i just get into a story then it stops please update some story's
12/29/2013 c5 caffeinatedelephant
This is a beautiful story! Hopefully you didn't give up on it because I really want to see what happens next! How many totems will Harry have? How long will it take before there relationship develops? Can people see others totems or is Harry special? Please please update and I'll give you all the Scooby snacks I possess (:
4/9/2013 c5 2Darkfire The Phoenix

I know it has been several years since you updated this story... But I do hope you finish it at some point. The world you have crafted intrigues me greatly, it matches very closely one that I visit in my dreams (those of the sleeping kind) quite frequently. Your tone is well paced and captures both my humour and attention.

I hope you continue, and that you have a wonderful life. And should you continue... I'll send some scooby-snacks your way. . . Quite likely in the form of more reviews! *Wink*

My best wishes to you and yours, may your life be ever full of light and joy,
2/1/2013 c5 Mashkai30
Lovely story! I like it thus far and am looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing!
6/20/2012 c5 0LCA0
its really interesting to read
6/16/2012 c5 7My Solitude
Interesting chapter. XD
5/17/2012 c5 6NightWithMoon
I'm curious, is lumentia a creation of your own, or is it something I should recognize?
5/16/2012 c5 Fox-sama94
Please update soon this story has me hooked. Capathian Wolf
1/22/2012 c5 Anankastic Eosphoros
This is a pretty good story. Please update soon.
11/17/2011 c5 NoLifeButLives
Awesome story! Please continue again soon!
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