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10/7/2011 c5 28Yin Long Nocturne
8/12/2011 c5 SanctumSyte
Love your stories and I really hope you'll come back and update them, even though it has been a few years, good writing is always appreciated :D
5/26/2011 c5 Tsuki107
I love this story! Please update :)
1/15/2011 c5 7Meerage
Omg I love it! I have to know your inspiration!
10/8/2010 c5 bananacupcakes
please update soon :)
9/26/2010 c5 YourThirstyAce
I FREAKING LOVE IT! Continue, please!
7/29/2010 c5 Shaliii
Oh wow! This was an awesome chapter! Please, please update soon! I love your story :P
7/2/2010 c5 I'm sane I think
This story is just ... wow! Please say it's on hiatus and not discontinued.

Please update soon!
6/6/2010 c5 Hello
It seriously feels like I've hit the jackpot. I'm in love with this story as well as your others. Hope to read more! :)
5/6/2010 c5 5lovebird17
Well, you sure know how to keep a girl interested don't you?
5/6/2010 c5 8Kelpie Green
I accidentally found one of your fics, and then read the rest of your hp fics. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading them. Your work is so imaginative and a total joy. Thanks so much for simply writing and putting your work up here. Hope to read more!
2/6/2010 c5 Pokalott
This is beautifully written. Is this just on hatius or has it been discontinued?
1/15/2010 c5 3Cari Marie
*Cheer* *Cheer*

Did that help any? I hope so. I really like this story. I like the twists and turns of the plot. I especially like how protective and gentle Harry is with Aidan. Kudos!

May inspiration and free time flow,

Cari Marie
1/7/2010 c5 jgood27
Good story, please update
11/11/2009 c5 1Floating-Angel
This is so cool! I've never seen a storyline that was unique in this fashion before. I love how you aren't bashing anyone, you're simply making them realistic people. And as for your alternate world, it's awesome beyond words how you make it real for the reader. You put in enough detail to give us a clear picture without overwhelming us. Your world seems very idealistic, but why make a world if you can't make it be what you want? ;) Hoping to see more of this eventually (I know real life can destroy people sometimes). /hug
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