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for gohan's anger: a story of a broken gohan

9/7/2020 c6 Athena Hirdman
I love this story please keep writing chapters
9/26/2017 c1 plsdadnotthebelt
you gonna continue or...
11/12/2016 c6 Guest
it's ok take your time
8/17/2016 c4 1RedHD
are you a dumb ass? (I don't know pikkons name) you just used it. pikkons name is pikkon. fucking idiot.
6/12/2016 c1 heartlessbastard
fuck your dead grandmother she probally fucking deserves it now get back to the story
10/21/2015 c6 Guest
take you timr and awesome story and hope your grandmother will watch you over as a angel and keep being awesome
1/11/2015 c3 1LightningFireZC
The new cell looks dumb in my mind with all the features you had described with all due respect
10/17/2014 c6 Guest
Sorry for your lost my dog die when i was 12
2/8/2014 c6 just a nigga
Just a week you sad is it a frieza week you havnt updated In for ever. like your story please continieu entertaining me
11/29/2013 c6 Guest
11/24/2013 c6 Guest
we do i hope you get better sorry for your lost :( good story too
3/30/2013 c6 Vic The Super Saiyan
No worries buddy everyone dies eventually, I'm sure she's watching over her family with pride.
4/13/2012 c6 QD
I'm sorry about what happened to your grandmother I hope you feel better.
7/9/2010 c6 ArkT
ahem...3 years...thats yeah...update soon plz :/
7/6/2010 c6 14Sairey13
I'm sorry about ur grandmother, I lost 2 of my grandpa's last year and I'm still not over it. I hope u'll feel better soon.
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