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2/12/2008 c4 googajoob
i am enjoying this story mostly because no one really writes about the game versions.as for the story i like it but i think you should make the chapters longer. thats pretty much what i have to say.
10/26/2007 c1 Smokey12
wow man, really loved this first chapter. Will defo be reading the next load. Even tho its the same as the games, i was really into it. Keep up the good work man!...
10/26/2007 c4 1prosser783
hmm...this story is pretty good. I'm not too good at giving advide, but i recommend that you take your time in certain towns and make your chapters a bit longer. Other than that, your story is great.
10/26/2007 c4 3Mr Drill
Ah another chapter good too see.

Well haven’t got much to say really just that it’s yet another chapter I’ve enjoyed had a laugh at certain points and made thing think about stuff, Mainly Team Rocket mistreating there own pokemon, not something I’ve ever thought about until now.

Again good chapter hope to see more soon, maybe a little longer next time but I’m not complaining. Until next time.
10/18/2007 c3 2Deluxe489
In Pokemon Red and Blue, your rival starts with one of the three starting Pokemon? I forgot to ask, because in my version, Pokemon Yellow (which, incidentally, I found in a trash can, not out of any desire to have a Pikachu), he starts with an Eevee. Didn't Brock also have a second Pokemon before Onix, as well? It'd be pretty cool if you could make Red and Blue fight just before or after they reach the next gym.

Yeah, that museum was pretty useless, huh? Maybe you could try making Red go that league thing (I never bothered to complete the game, so I don't recall its exact name) and be turned down or something.

Next gym is Cerulean, so Red'll be fighting Misty, right? You might want to make him get another Pokemon.

By the way, I don't suppose you'd give him a Cubone or an Abra later on, would you? They're my favorite Pokemon, but I hardly ever see anyone using them.
10/17/2007 c3 3Mr Drill
So far I am enjoying this, I think mostly because you’ve picked up on quite a few things most people would have thought about the game, mainly the useless museum that you had to pay to get in, hated that after I found out it had nothing of any value there.

As for the plot elements, not really that sure to be honest though I did enjoy when Misty tore ash a new one every time he made a rookie mistake in a battle or otherwise, so a female character that shows up from time to time to point out everything Red gets wrong and generally dig at him should be good for a laugh.

one last thing...Update this soon kthanxbai...
10/9/2007 c1 7Fireblast123
I have an idea. Put in Leaf. The female trainer from Fire Red/Leaf Green. No, her official name isn't Leaf, but she, unlike Red and Blue, doesn't have an official name, so people call her that.

I like the beggining! Keep on writing!
10/9/2007 c1 2Deluxe489

Well, you're one of the few people who writes Pokemon stories, hate the anime, and use the original pokemon that were created -o you know how few and far between those kinds of writers are?

Anyways, This is starting off pretty interesting, although I myself had Pokemon Yellow instead of Red or Blue. You had two or three errors in there, though it looks more like you accidentally forgot or typed too fast to put them correctly, nothing major. I myself would have had gone for the Charmander if I had to choose, because I do believe that about half of the badges you win let you completely control pokemon up to certain levels. It would have had been interesting if you had a much larger variety to choose from, though... My favorites are Alakazam, Ninetales, and Jolteon, yet you can't start with their initial evolutions, or those of a bunch of other pokemon you could use without being too powerful.

Anyways, I'm interested to see how you're going to continue this, and what you have in mind for later chapters. I think the anime and the series itself has long been a subject to hate ever since the new pokemon were added (excluding the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, maybe), and I have been thinking of perhaps starting my own pokemon story once I'm finished with my current project.

Anyways, have fun and good luck writing this. Take your time, and try to re-read your chapters to make sure they're good.

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