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12/7/2008 c3 amz-123
OMG Yes thank you! I love this story so much and I've been stalking it for ages waiting for an update! Please update again soon. I really REALLY LOVE this story!
12/5/2008 c3 dlb42694
update soon
12/4/2008 c3 Megabat
I am so glad you updated. I love this story its such an excellent idea. Loved Stella/Star in this I could just see her arguing with the DA. Look forward to more..*g*
12/4/2008 c3 4Bonasera
great chapter:) im lookin forward to se what's gonna happend:)
8/20/2008 c2 4Asprine
its a nice story.. i'm looking forward to it. But you haven't update yet.. T_T waited so long.
7/11/2008 c2 11OliviaTaylor
that was awsome. please update soon please please
3/27/2008 c1 amz-123
Ah! I need an update! It's killing me! lol.

PS. It wouldn't let me review chap 2 lol :)
3/14/2008 c2 25happykid
I just started watching CSI NY again today so i went online to look for good smac fics and BHAM! this one whacks me in the face and no i cana't stop thinking about what's gonna happen next.


This fic has a GREAT start and an interesting plot line.

SMACk 4eva:D:D:D
3/10/2008 c2 amz-123
I really, really love this story. I read the first chapter last year and I've just come back to this fandom again. I can't wait to see where you'll go with this story. Please update soon. I want more! lol.
2/12/2008 c2 2kukrae03
SQUEE! I am SO happy you've decided to continue this! What a thoroughly fun 'What If'.

Looking forward to the next chapter being posted SOON :)
2/12/2008 c2 Megabat
I am so glad that you are continuing this. This just keeps getting better and better. The tensions of the relationships are excellently portrayed. The intrigue is excellent. It has me on tenterhooks waiting for the next part…. I love a good cliff hanger….
2/12/2008 c2 2EverythingsShiny
Yay, an Update. Please post more
2/12/2008 c2 4Bonasera
exiting chapter:) liked it

can't wait for more to come:)
2/12/2008 c2 shawdoo
What a great chapter. I absolutely love how you are portraying Mac and Stella. Very original. Hope you'll post again soon.
10/21/2007 c1 shawdoo
Interesting concept. I like what you've done with Stella. I have the feeling this is going to be a great story.
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