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6/13 c22 5Maarinaaaaa
Love this to much!
6/6 c5 RaeRae93
Ch. 5
Oh Edward... you’re so not ready for this.
5/28 c22 BurtonM1927
I just finished your breath taking story.
My heart is racing so because you tapped into how I feel
about the love of my life.
5/9 c22 2AllyBellsGirls
absolutely loved it
4/29 c22 Anda
I read this one in less than a day and a half and loved it. Thank you.
4/23 c22 flexer
Wow. I loved
what a beautiful story
4/23 c14 flexer
you will have thought.
and Emmet is here haha
4/22 c6 flexer
a mi siempre me a gustado el vestido azul que lleva Anastasia de los dibujos.
y has descrito uno parecido .
se van a quedar con la boca abierta.

I always liked the blue dress Anastasia wears from the drawings.
and you've described a similar one.
they will be left with their mouths open.
4/22 c5 flexer
Edward doesn't know what Bella is, this is going to be good.
I want to see the reaction they will have when they see each other
4/22 c4 flexer
And what is his fault for the bad game of him haha.
sure the company is from the Cullens
4/20 c3 flexer
I liked it very much.
4/18 c22 2AnnaCarol1003
This is one of my favorite stories ever! I love the way you developed Bella. I’ve read it multiple times and always love it. Thanks for sharing :)
2/19 c1 Guest
'tis the best twific I've ever read. The one that left me the deepest impression
2/19 c1 Guest
This story is amazing...i cried several times reading it... Rly nice plot and good writing...
2/19 c22 Guest
i absolutely adored this story. thank you for writing it and sharing.
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