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9/14 c11 cfigueroa78
I read this story years ago and loved it, I needed to re-read it again. I just realized how obnoxious Vaughn is. He’s persistent with a woman who is showing no interest. It’s a turn off to show up unannounced at her office, when he was waiting in her lobby, showing up to sit next to her at the dinner. He’s more of a stalker than Edward! Not sure why his creepy behavior didn’t jump out before but there’s nothing more off putting when a guy doesn’t take a hint. He just comes on way too strong. I don’t know how Bella hasn’t screamed from him popping up everywhere.
7/7 c15 Busybee9
Very funny chapter. Love the humour and I always did love Emmett the best!
6/24 c1 Daydreamer456
I have only ever enjoyed one twilight fanfic and it was this one. So when I was reminiscing over the soundtracks this morning on my way to work this story popped in my head. Cut to me frantically googling what I could remember of the story and I'm so happy I found it and can't wait to start reading it again immediately.
5/27 c22 2Kemq
Great story.
5/8 c22 Jen
Loved it, thanks.
4/10 c21 Team Marylou

AWESOME ending...so romantic...so beautiful...LOVED it!
Thank you!
4/9 c20 Team Marylou
OMG...WTF just happened!?
4/9 c19 Team Marylou
That was interesting...Simmons came through by helping Edward...and ultimately Bella.
Loved it...thanks.
4/9 c18 Team Marylou
How much more of this heartache will they put each other through!?
Edward has been TRYING to tell Bella the “truth” for several chapters...now she’s leaving for Thanksgiving. Hmmmm...
4/9 c17 Team Marylou
Gahhhh...Edward and Bella dancing together...the heat they generate jumps off the page.

Love it!
4/7 c15 Team Marylou
Emmett is so much fun...love how they riled up Edward!

Bella cannot continue to be so blind...it’s painfully obvious how much Edward still loves Bella...ONLY her.
4/7 c13 Team Marylou
How many “dates” has Bella gone on with the quarterback at this point?

Why did Bella become so sick over the blood?! Curious what Edward will say to Bella at this point.
Great story…glad I found this...better late than never.
4/7 c12 Team Marylou
Time for Alice to show up?!
4/7 c10 Team Marylou
Score one for Edward...letting Bella know there is NO ONE in his life is key.
4/7 c9 Team Marylou
At least Bella admits she is still in love with Edward.
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