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for Now or Never

3/14/2018 c30 Ealasaid Una
Will stephanie imprint on ryan?
3/14/2018 c17 Ealasaid Una
Why is Carlisle behaving the way he is?
3/14/2018 c15 Ealasaid Una
is seth dead?
3/14/2018 c11 Ealasaid Una
when will edward realize that jacob imprinted on Hope?
11/25/2017 c36 Kushka
Great story
6/2/2017 c36 campyrs52
Good story. I really enjoyed this one. Thank you!
12/29/2016 c1 2YahiKonaNagato21
4/16/2015 c35 Motherof8
Good story. Thanks
4/16/2015 c24 Motherof8
Great story. Don't let critics upset you. It takes a lot of courage to post stories. If anyone doesn't like it, don't read it. Simple? Thanks
1/20/2013 c7 csp4
"If you leave now, whether it be a week, a month or a year, I will find you again, Bella." Somehow it doesn't surprise me what a liar Edward is:( If after more than 15 years Billy knew where the Cullens were, I have no doubt Assward could have easily found Bella! Then (I'm assuming) he sent Bella away without any means of support.

"I know but you've had her your whole life, Bells. Edward has only had her for a day" Looks to me like this was his choice.
3/14/2012 c36 10nbrian72
good story
10/10/2011 c27 barbiedoll123
SAM should die
10/10/2011 c26 barbiedoll123
love it
10/10/2011 c24 barbiedoll123
love it
10/10/2011 c23 barbiedoll123
i cant wait till hope and Bella see each other
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