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for Can I Be Your Memory?

6/30/2012 c14 Guest
This is actually brilliant!
7/23/2011 c14 2Mymy2014
amazing story
6/3/2009 c14 1Psycho-Bunny1309
Cute story, I'm really liking it, so please update again soon! ^_^
10/5/2008 c14 3supernaturalobbsessed
plz update soon
9/20/2008 c14 L5472
WOO! I'm loving this story =] Adorable Sammy haha

Hope your computer's not being gay still, and that you'll update! XD
7/12/2008 c14 12Half-Winchester
Aw, that's sweet, and kinda gross... Sex in the kitchen? Wouldn't the spaghetti have congealed?
6/30/2008 c14 citiesofsouls
Cayden's so cute!

Yay, Uncle Dean has a date! lmao
6/29/2008 c14 mollieclarke
excellent chapter

cant wait to see what happens next
6/28/2008 c14 2Tater-K
amazing! cant wait for the next chapters!
5/10/2008 c13 citiesofsouls

I loved the last line! XD
4/30/2008 c13 4XNegAttentionX
Dean in a floral printed apron...enough said.

Dean is an adorable uncle to a little girl and duck lmao.
2/28/2008 c13 ROBINV
Scre! What a happy ending to the chapter! I was wondering when Sam was going to make an honest woman out of his girlfriend! This is wonderful, what a great chapter! Love, Robin
2/26/2008 c13 12Half-Winchester
aw, sweet. but, sammy is mine! that ring is for me! lol...
2/24/2008 c13 2Tater-K
amazing update! Now I'm off to get this grin off my face! cant wait for more!
2/24/2008 c13 immortalwizarpirateelf-fan
Ok, first of all, you are now officailly one of my fav writers. I LOVE this story and I absolutely ADORE this last chapter. Please post the next chappy with Sam's Proposal *grins* ASAP!
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