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4/4/2016 c8 spider2016
please write more of this story. This is an great story.
4/4/2016 c3 spider2016
Good story
7/20/2015 c8 crazygurlwithfandomobsessions
Please write more
12/7/2014 c8 Guest
I love the story but come on it has been 7 years since you last updated did you forget about this story because it would make sense the only problem is a slight spelling problem though but please update-lovatic2003
10/29/2013 c8 Xophia Chemisa
How funny. I read your story...and not bad. Good crossover and you know I know that you were different at the time :). Think of your fans as they loved your story. Follows and favorites? These people loved it, no matter your writing was different at the time. You might as well rewrite it, at least you know what I mean...I hope.


Now for my actual review:
Good amount of detail in the previous chapters. Spelling/grammar is a problem a bit. Though the amount of favs and follows wouldn't seem to care about it I think. Might as well create a small ending. Yeah?
Cheers! XxLe4tf0r4eadxX
10/29/2013 c1 Talon5Krrde
You need some spaces...
1/4/2012 c4 no one
i love this book
10/16/2011 c8 30Krazy Katieness
NOoo!don't stop it's soooooooo epic!
9/6/2011 c8 fictionfreakdefgtr
I'd just like to say I love the whole idea of this story.And I was wondering if you were going to continue?
7/24/2010 c8 Bibliophile
Hey! I really like your story! Don't cancell it just because YOU think it's badly written! That's just selfish.
6/21/2010 c6 choirsinger
PLEASE update this story soon! I would love to continue reading it
5/23/2010 c7 choirsinger
noooo! Please update. I know it's been like 3 years, but don't forget about all of us that are reading your story
2/28/2010 c1 behemothslayer321
It's okay, man. everyone has to start somewhere
2/28/2010 c1 Behemothslayer321
ugh just by reading the sunmmary: dont mean to sound mean or anything, but wtf? :S
11/24/2009 c8 45BatmanLoonaticsFan96
The story's not bad. The only way it's going to be bad is if you stop posting at that cliffhanger ending you call Chapter 5. I'm even going to favorite this story. KEEP POSTING!...OK, well, bye.
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