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for a sword named need

1/19/2008 c2 MRlovesDC
I like your story and hope you finish it. I'm not familiar with the crossover, but I am very familiar with Knight Rider and like fanfics of it.
1/19/2008 c2 mervoparkite
Sorry about that, didn't mean to send your muse into a coma, just was hoping to make a helpful comment.

You managed to work in the Black Gryphon-I'm impressed. And a gate as well, how cool. And yes Need seemed more herself, if a bit more feisty.

I was getting a bit concerned that you hadn't posted in a while-my fault I guess. but i'm glad your posting again.

So, will you be watching the new Knight rider coming out in Feb?
10/21/2007 c5 mervoparkite
Sorry this took so long to review-I have company in town.

I’m enjoying the interaction between Vena and Need, but Isn’t Need acting a little out of character to reveal herself so soon? I always felt she was a better strategist than that. It seems a bit foolish for her to show her hand so soon just to yank Ma’ar’s chain. (as much fun as it was!)

Looking forward to where you’re taking this next—will we be seeing Kitt and Michael soon?
10/18/2007 c4 mervoparkite
Ah! So this isn't just Knight Rider. . . it's Team KR. Beast and Crew-I never really gave the show that much attention-No real Michael or Kitt interactions...

I love that you painted the sword on to the hood of the car. . . poor need just can't get away from it. And the well... How about the threat of driving her off a bridge or dock into a lake since she probably wouldn't fit in a well anymore.

More soon please!
10/18/2007 c3 mervoparkite
I'm impressed that you managed to find someone from Valdemar to pair with Need-and Her First Bearer seems so appropriate to be her first driver.

Keep up the good work
10/16/2007 c1 mervoparkite
Oh My! I may have to kill you if you aren't very careful! ;-) I love the Valdemar series as well as Knight rider. Need in one of the cars. . . Poor Michael-He'll never survive that strong willed one-who will they pair with her? Obviously Elspeth isn't available-nor any of the others she is familiar with.

You have made me very curious-to say the least.

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