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7/26/2021 c13 LV4EVA
I have always seen this fic, but have never read it until today. I spent the day reading, looking up all the actors images that you listed so I could see them (NOT Logan, Veronica, Wallace, Mac, Dick, Keith, Vinnie, Leo, Weevil, or Sacks). Loved all the the Episode names and updates. It was a great mystery - and for once it was V that was in trouble, not Logan! I think you sum up your whole fic best with the statement: 'Tying up all Rob Thomas' loose ends'. YOU ARE VERY CORRECT IN SAYING IT IS INDEED A SISYPHEAN TASK! You did it a fine justice!
5/8/2021 c13 Aurora2020
The 'problem' with all your stories is that we cannot put them down and MUST continue reading, thereby making everything else I needed to do for the day, fall by the wayside. Chalk this up to another one of your great adventures-gosh so many characters in this one and I loved all the Roswell references. Hated Carrie and she needs an even worse fate than what she got. She needs some great Veronica-vengeance. So many funny moments, wish I had stopped and commented on every chapter. When Veronica was trying to have phone sex with Mike and reading it out of a book, I bust out laughing. Poor Logan...damn, the boy was put through the ringer. Mike...ugh, hate him. Unreal how everyone was ready to throw the book at Veronica. Jeez. Loved the Logan and Keith relationship! You do it so well and give that boy what he needs. Harmony...yes a psycho crazy bitch here and good villain choice, (I hadn't guessed her) but I still struggle with good images of her and Enrico in Just Shoot Me. You know how to write a fast paced adventure, for sure. This one, despite the serious things going on, was more 'fun' to me than Precipitation, which you know I adore. I know I'm reading this years and years after you wrote it but it still stands as a great one. Need to see if you've written anything after the movie or dreaded S4. You do have a gift for writing in this LoVe world; I hope you continue to do so since we are the better for it. Thank you! xo
3/7/2021 c13 jmazzy
This was a fantastic and compelling readonce I got into the story, I couldn’t stop reading it. Love how you incorporated so many of the VM characters, utilized Team Detecting, and developed a gripping and interesting mystery. Can’t wait to see what happens nextlove all the ploty breadcrumbs you planted for future stories in the final chapter (I really am aching to see a Logan x Carrie andor a Veronica x Carrie confrontation. It’s clear how much time, effort, and thought went into the crafting of this fic. Thank you for writing and sharing it. And, the LoVe was just wonderful.
10/28/2017 c13 MW
It was like the show had come alive again.
8/22/2017 c13 P2880
Just reread for the nth time. Continually amazed at your skill at characterization and tortuous plotting. Thank you for many hours of great reading!
10/23/2015 c13 annbslade
Found your story via VM fic recs and it is beyond awesome. Love the mystery. Great take on LoVe getting together post-series.
9/23/2015 c13 yankami
After reading this for the second time YOLD is still one one of my favorite fanfics. True, the writing style is quite uneven, the phrasing is clumsy at times and the use of the different perspectives seems a bit unsure, but YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY has a great and throughout gripping plot, many diverse subplots, believable character development, solid dialogues and a ton of nods to the TV-series and pop culture in general. And the flaws in style are something an editor could easily remedy, so they are absolutely no dealbreaker. If you haven't read it do so and immediately continue with the sequel which is even better. I wish the VM-movie was half as good as this story.
8/27/2015 c14 Guest
Just ran across this today after months of reading VM fic like an addict. Finished it all today despite having many, many other things I should have been doing. :)

I really liked your mystery - it felt large in scope like the mysteries of Seasons 1 and 2. I loved Logan taking time to fix himself even in the midst of self destructive behavior - it feels right that he would be a two steps forward, one step back kinda fella. And I even surprisingly liked the slow build-up to LoVe reconciling, which again squared with how cautious they'd be after all the pain they caused each other.

Thank you for this story. Now on to the sequel...
8/19/2015 c13 Guest
Amazing story. Love it!
8/15/2015 c13 2degfas
Great story. I really enjoyed it.
5/17/2015 c6 Guest
Ok everyone is always on V's case for taking chances, even though she has good reason
especially Logan, but here he is doing something stupid for no good reason
if anyone needs to think twice about their actions and the consequences is Logan

And I wish everyone would just get off V's back already, because they don't seem to have a problem with her risking herself when she is helping one of them, again I say especially Logan

And she is going to be an FBI, so they need to learn how to handle her Being in danger and doing things that she can not tell them about

And if V is a bitch then Logan is an asshole
5/11/2015 c13 1AmyPC
Really enjoyed it... again! Now on to part 2 which is the reason for my reread - it haunts me like no other vm ff!
5/11/2015 c12 AmyPC
Yay! Just what the heart needs... a bit of LoVe!
5/10/2015 c5 AmyPC
This was one of the first fics I read when I discovered fanfiction early this year. I apologize for not posting any reviews - I was still learning to navigate the site then. But your stories stuck in my head and even after reading many others I have sought them out for a re-read! You write very true to character and I enjoy your original characters and your mysteries. I will try my best to throw out a few reviews as I reread. Thanks for sharing your stories!
12/25/2014 c14 14kmd0107
Fantastic story! So glad I came across it - I'm headed to the sequel :)
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