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6/11/2016 c5 asa jamesa
i hate it
6/10/2016 c5 Rockmantick
11/14/2015 c5 Guest
check the spelling
10/4/2014 c2 1121peach
Wow... I am seriously addicted to winx. My sister is too. My favorite characters are flora and helia. Thanks for writing about them!
2/13/2014 c1 suraiya
luv this chapter never stop
5/23/2013 c5 kyuki619
Woooahhhh love the update:)
8/27/2012 c5 BreGirl
Hey hun;) I liked this story, the plot and definitely the ending ( ha, sky got punched in the face!) Over all it was a fairly good story.

Constructive Criticism:
Sometimes your dialogue was hard to follow and time progression was choppy. Oh, also personalities changed suddenly and drastically at times so you could work on that.

Can't wait to read more of your work;)
Luv BreGirl
7/27/2012 c5 3xpasteldreamsx
so weird but awesome
9/12/2011 c5 2DramaQueen127
lol i laghft my heard of when this happend !

Sky she is so cute."

"Not really, we could have a cuter baby."

"Sky can you pass Peace back to Bloom." Helia said as he walked over to Bloom and Sky.

"Shure but.." Sky was never able to finish his sentence because Helia punched him in the face and looked down.

"Sorry Flora." He said, Flora then got up walked very slowly over to Sky's hunched body, and both punched and slapped him in the face.

"That is for calling my Daughter ugly, you fat lemon sucking ugly not prince."

Everyone laughed at this because Flora and Helia were very hard to make mad like that, and Sky who I diced upon Sky being what he is did it to both of them in a minute.

As we leave this story there is one last line from Sky.

"Now I have to eat through a tube for the rest of my life.
3/19/2010 c5 cloundshadow
i love your story very much, is so sweet and i like helia and flora the most , will you write more story?
5/8/2009 c5 2AshBurntthem
Hey that was so nice !

PL write something about musa & riven!

- musaXriven!
6/11/2008 c5 7PrincessLuigi11
hhahahahaha cant stop laughing!you are a good writer!

1/21/2008 c5 3Ariene-NightShade
thank you for such a good read the last part was very unusual for some on like Helia. it was very funny at time and a little boring but pretty good in the run
1/13/2008 c5 1HatHairJohnny
Hello! Nice story :D I loved it!
11/11/2007 c5 Cherryll
Im so glad you still write youstories here

well chapter 8 drama but I loved it so flora has a evil sister what will happened I think I will read chapter 9.

chapter 9 great chapter again.

chapter 10 great chapter again again good story also

can you take more of all the good things I will say on your story for so will I go oon to next thing

chapter 11 so Floras two babygirls is born peace and winter good name but poor Sky I think they was a little to hard with him

if your story is finnish dont forget to write complete if not I hope you will write more
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