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7/10/2014 c4 1cgal1826
What omg no ! Don't leave it like that ! So many omg fan girl moments! I liked how you dealt with the awkwardness and looked at it from dougs perspective also! A refreshing and sifferent take on a gay hanson fic :) often they are cringy and im not a big fan but i thought this one was honest so Nice job just wish I knew what happened next !
1/22/2014 c4 Guest
Damn! I want to give Doug a blowjob!
8/13/2013 c3 4tomxdougluver14
The part when Tom told Jude(slut) that he gay, I like when he say he not attract to her, Jackie or Amy :-) Tom/Doug is a great match. She should be single the whole serie(evil laugh)
10/10/2009 c1 Applehead4life
10/10/2009 c4 Applehead4life
please continue, but i would love it to be TOM/JUDY PLEASE! TOM/JUDY!
3/16/2008 c4 60AngelofDarkness1605
OMG, poor Tom! Aw...

Awesome story, I hope you'll have inspiration again soon, it's great this far!
3/16/2008 c3 AngelofDarkness1605
This is a very interesting story this far!

Aw, a cliffie! Luckily I can read the fourth chapter later, I'm very curious. Probably I'm gonna speculate most of the time now what'll happen next :D
3/12/2008 c4 60procol harum
Well I do remember reading this, but I swear I'd already reviewed for the last two chaps :O Well, they were great, and poor Tom in the third chapter, although I do love angst, lol... last chapter was good as well, but I do hope Tom is okay... Also loved how you aded in the gum wrapper as a clue leading to Tom, good reference to the show :D Well, all in all, great story so far, can't wait for more :D Not too sure I follow the pairings, though, besides Tom being gay and Judy seriously liking him, lol, but it would be great if this turned out Doug/Tom... :D
1/25/2008 c1 1Raiyning
Very well written. I like how you pushed the character without making it unrealistic.

/Fangirl Moment/


But... my Tommy! *huggles* He promised to run off with me! And now he's cheating, with a guy!

1/7/2008 c4 chippendale
Deffinately Tom/Dennis. I can't offer up a hotter pair. Yes, a lot of people say Tom/Doug, but I don't see it. Doug's a really good friend, but Dennis is... Dennis ^_^

Good story, by the way. I'm waiting for the next chapter, whatever you decide.
12/29/2007 c4 7HollywoodVampire
really good update soon
12/29/2007 c4 Chick On Wheels
Aw that that was amazing, but so sad! Is Tom gonna be ok? You described how I feel about hospitals perfectly that's why I got all teary eyed

Great Chapter! Please update soon! :)
12/26/2007 c4 1x0xbklynzgrlx0x
Ahh sorry its I havent reviewed been so busy with everything. Anyways I love this story! Please please please update soon!
12/20/2007 c4 34Nukyster
Aw, cute. in the (way to early) morning, I saw that u updated. Somehow i could restrain myself and read it after I speeded back from my work.

I really love this story. Tom is 'gay' but not gay-gay. In many fics the character that comes out is almost SHOUTING it to anyone and anywhere. In this fic Tom seems almost embarres because he is. I think that's really realistic, I mean 21 is about 40 years old so back than it was a lot 'stranger' to be gay. (or different)

I also really loved this chapter. I love Doug, he is a tough guy in the serie and you portetted him like one, still you made me wanna cry for him because he was so damn sad and puppy.

About the parring, I think It should be a Tom/OC. I would love a Tom/Doug but I don't think that's realistic, because Doug isn't gay and it all kinda freaked him out. I really think Doug sees Tom as a close friend, maybe the closest friend he has. But not as something more.

I really hope Tom is going to be alright, I swear if you let him die I will abandon this story! Tom is to good to die and I hope Doug is going to kick some homofobe-asses.

O, and don't worry. I'll stick to your story. Even if it takes a month (but don't do that please, because I WANNA KNOW what happens and i really can't wait all that long. That's my thing, not a lot of pations.)

So I hope you update soon, if your out of idea's, or you need a peptalk gimmy a ring:P I'm thinking about making some 21jumpfic too, but I don't have much Idea's yet. (Well I have one, but it's just drabble.)

One last tiny thing, in what season does this all happen? Because I just started seasone 2 and i don't want to read something that will spoiled the rest.

X Nuk and don't kill Tommy!
12/20/2007 c4 LilaGrace
Thank you so much for updating! I can't stop saying how much I enjoy reading your story. :)

21 JS is really one of my favourite TV shows and your story perfectly shows the emotions of the characters involved.

I love how Doug cares about Tom coz Tom's so fragile and Doug's like a big teddy bear.

About the pairings...

I'm sorry but I can't stand Tom/Judy cause they just don't fit together.

I would like Judy/Harry though.

What I would absolutely love is Tom/Dennis or Tom/Doug. :)

It would be so nice if there was a really good Tom/Dennis fic coz they are both sexy and cool.

Tom/Doug is also a good idea coz they're so close and yet they're so different. Small, neat Tom Hanson vs big, clumsy Doug Penhall. They could be perfect for each other with Doug being the strong lover who holds and comforts Tom.

If you chose Tom/Dennis (my favourite pairing), you should give Doug a girlfriend/boyfriend too. Like Doug/Dorothy or maybe even Doug/Judy although I prefer Judy going out with Harry.

Wow, what a long review. Sorry for that :)! I could have said it all in one sentence:

I'd like you to write Judy/Harry and Tom/Dennis or Tom/Doug.

Luv, Lila
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