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4/11/2009 c4 4Panty-Hose-Galore
Collin got eaten!

When I read that I immediately went, "LOLOLFAIL."

I keep doing that throughout these short stories and my mum keeps giving me funny looks.
4/11/2009 c3 Panty-Hose-Galore
Oh my fishstick i nearly died of laughter reading this chapter. I'm not a homophobe nor a homosexual but this is hilarious x,D.

And i loved the sparta part at the end.

This is madness.



This is SPARTA.
4/11/2009 c2 Panty-Hose-Galore
I think I fawned over cheese. I'm not sure what it means but that sounds pretty snazzy. ;).

I'm going to go in the lunch line at school and ask the lady if they have any goulash. and when she says no I'll be like

"NO GOULASH?" what is goulash anyway?
4/11/2009 c1 Panty-Hose-Galore
This is hysterical. ;)!

I loved the part where hermione is like "Mind if I lick the rest off for you?" in a seductive voice.

Also the bedpost part was funny the way they were going to try the a.k on it. haha.

4/11/2009 c30 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
4/11/2009 c30 11the good dr
I freaking love jurasic park, I can recite almost every line. Here's a good and famous line "Don't move, he can't see us if we don't move." Also another good, though less famous quote from the move "Uh John, you do actually plan on having dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour right?" Need more proof I've memorized just about every line? "Ah Ah Ah, ya didn't say the magic word!"

signed the good dr.
4/11/2009 c29 the good dr
Well sorry it took so long to review, but I'm currently in france on the only computer I've been able to get onto in about ten days.

I was giggling the whole time, which has really confused the people in the airport next to me.

signed the good dr.
4/5/2009 c20 2Hamlet's Psychiatrist
Omg, that was so great!
4/5/2009 c14 Hamlet's Psychiatrist
And so, once again the day is saved thanks to The Giant Squuid!

And Creevey died again XD
4/5/2009 c10 Hamlet's Psychiatrist
XD This one is a favorite!
4/5/2009 c3 Hamlet's Psychiatrist
That was delightfully random!
4/5/2009 c24 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
4/5/2009 c23 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
'read the signs and ducked under the table, dragging Ron with him' lol
4/4/2009 c17 jaik34
is it knocking boots...?
4/4/2009 c29 16flamingbunnies
I knew there was more to it!
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