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10/13/2011 c1 Rose
So how well Hero arrive in white feathers in the middle of battle? but yeah Good work on this one love a crossover but yes keep up the good work
6/23/2009 c1 7Sirius-Black-is-not-dead
You captured the characters so well that I was literally speechless while reading. I was completely stumped- until now I had never found another Gundam Wing fanfic that captured Heero and the pilots so well! It honestly reminded me of the anime.

I also liked the detail you had put into connecting events and the knowledge Heero has. I was pleasantly surprised that there was a plausible cause for the crossover.

I'm so happy you didn't make out Heero to be a perfect machine or emotionless- that drives me crazy! He showed plenty of emotion throughout the series. You made him seem like a reserved young man that just happens to be a war veteran that still fights for a better future. I love you!

You gave a nicely detailed history along with the story- which I think is always a requirement for any Gundam Wing story if A/U or crossover.

I'm already halfway in love- please don't leave me heartbroken!
12/14/2008 c1 32Tellemicus Sundance
WHY is it that all of the really good SEED/Wing x-overs never make it past the first three chapters (if that)?

I loved this first chapter and would love it even more if you managed to start writing it again. Although I can't help but question why you only wanted to use Heero, why not include any of the other pilots as well?
2/26/2008 c1 bloodyknight85
'Hey, where's part 2, man... This is interesting... The adventures of Heero Yuy in a totally unknown universe... Why is he there in the first place?'

Keep up the good work, dude... Update soON!
2/2/2008 c1 12Ketsueki-Ken
UPdate and I'll love you ! this story is so well written and the idea is freaking awesome! Heero's like one of my fav characters! damn that sounded preppy-ish. *shrug* update and I'll be with you until the story ends.

10/23/2007 c1 really-great-noodles1
NICE cliffie keeps me wanting more. hope you update soon
10/23/2007 c1 7Jays Arravan
Cool, another GWing/GSeed crossover.

It started up fine. I like the idea of the space fold engine. I also like your choice of the Ver.Ka Wing.

I really hope you get to see this fic through. There are a lot of good Wing/Seed crtossovers in FFN but they never got to be finished. I hope this doesn't suffer the same fate.

Please update soon.
10/23/2007 c1 16CSS Stravag
This is definitely an interesting start. I will need to pay attention to this one; a good crossover between Wing and SEED is a rare find indeed.

I will definitely enjoy seeing Heero's fate drawn out in the SEED universe, though I am kinda reticent to note you left out the other four pilots and Zechs. Still and all, the perfect soldier might find himself in odd situations in the Cosmic Era.

Keep 'em coming, comrade :P
10/22/2007 c1 Waves Of Eternal Doom
Pretty neat idea. I like the wig/seed crossovers. I wonder if Heero will end up on the archangel or doing things his way.
10/21/2007 c1 75Mathais
I like this story; it's a good beginning. The only problem I have is your writing style... You use too many commas as you write, leading to very choppy sentences. Try reading this sentence: "The driven refugees returned to their ancestral home, that had been reformed into a special political area, as an act to seal the new era of peace, one that would be guarded in the heart of the people, by those sick of the everlasting fights that had spawned across the years." out loud. It's very, very choppy, and the commas are awkwardly placed, separating parts of sentences which should not be. The commas as lead into run-on sentences, which, again, are a huge mental mouthful to read. Try using smaller sentences and less commas. The words don't flow quite right.

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