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11/22/2013 c1 2mendesana
try reading mine let me know what you think
7/7/2012 c1 4garnmcgaughn
Hindsight With a Sixty Percent Chance of Aboutface by K'sChoiceofAFI

Just finished. Takes place during apb great story.
2/29/2008 c1 11Serenarey Chiba
I wouldn't mind writing a Rachel/Ivy story, but I'd need some ideas. Maybe I could work out something with you.
2/27/2008 c1 2Mooncatx the Bliss Crimson
Try Femslash Challenges, it's a group Princess Alexandria and I have for Femslash fiction. We're both fans of Ivy/Rachel, and we had one story submitted recently, tho a bit on the dark side. Most likely PA and I will be contributing some fic too. * * *

1/19/2008 c1 9Wezen Solo
While I can appreciate a good Kim Harrison fic, this is not the place to commission one. is for stories. Perhaps you should post your request elsewhere. Happy writing.
11/15/2007 c1 1and the chicken
Not really a review but more a question - I can so see Rachel and Ivy together but my muse is not co-operating, I can't think of a hook to hang the idea on. If you have any ideas you can send them to me to try and flesh out. I can't promise genius but I could write something to read.
11/9/2007 c1 vaf
anything would be nice preferably with a 10+ word count.

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