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for Organization XIII, a bit different

4/13/2008 c20 A.C Wolf
AW. I was loving your story " ORGANIZATION XI: A BIT DIFFERENT." Please write more if you can. At first i thought that Raxein and Demyx were going to fall in love^^. I enjoyed playing her part and can do lots more with her character. LOve it so keep it up.

Peace & love,

A.C Wolf
4/6/2008 c20 22LifesLover
Aw, poor Raxein. She is jealous but I can't blame her. After all, she likes Roxas and it seems like Roxas doesn't like her. But that's not true. It's so cute.

Hmm... yay to Zexion! Okay, random, I know, but I do love Zexion. He is awesome, and being mentioned is awesome. Hmm... I wonder what Xemnas is planning. Curious, so very curious.

And the girl? Was that Namine? I don't see why she would be there. She should be in the Castle. Me is confused. But, I can't wait to see what happens next.

I'm so happy that you're feeling better and had a happy day. Hope there are more in stock for you.


3/25/2008 c19 3Forgotten in Darkness
I love this story and i think you should continue it. I also love the idea of Axel having a sister in the organization. Once again i love your story.
3/24/2008 c19 22LifesLover
Ooh yay, go give him another kick. I wanna kick him, too, but unfortunately, he lives half way across the world from me and I'm flat broke. Plus I have no clue where he lives. I suppose he should feel lucky. Then again, he has to deal with you. That can't be good. Good luck with kicking him! I shall cheer you on from all the way over hear!

And yay for updates! I'm glad that you're feeling better. Oh, yay for the Zexion. I just loved him in this chapter. He was so matter of fact in telling her about her past and who she was. God, I love him. My total favorite character. *shiver*

He is so awesome in all his scientific glory. I wonder if I spelled that right. Ah, who cares?

And wow, suddenly everything makes so much more sense right now. I loved this chapter. And Roxas is so sweet, worrying over Raxein. It's so cute. Makes me squeal like the fangirl that I am. Hehehe. Loves it totally!

Can't wait for the next one!


3/24/2008 c19 deleteme5868685747852895
3/17/2008 c18 3Forgotten in Darkness
I love this chapter. Can't wait to read more.
3/15/2008 c18 22LifesLover
Aw, poor Raxein. She has to stay there overnight? And she failed her *actual* first mission. That's got to suck. And she has no Roxas to make her happy and less lonely.

And wow, so that's the reason everyone can feel when she's around. Wow, I didn't know that. And now I've learned something else. Yay to learning new things.

And is this me actually reviewing on the same day that it was posted? I'm pretty sure that I recieved this e-mail today. Let me check. Oh phooey. It was last night. But it's close enough. At least it's not days later.

I wish I could tell you where your loyal reviewers went but I don't know. I lose reviewers too. It happens. Then again, I haven't updated anything in a while. Eheh.

Anyway... I think I can see this starting to actually start to bring the plot in. I can't wait to see what comes out of your head next, RoxRox.


3/12/2008 c17 LifesLover
Gah! I'm so bad at reviewing on time, aren't I? I'm sorry... I meant to review earlier, I did... I'm just lazy and I'm so busy and then I got sick Sundsy so... yeah. I'm sorry. Next time I'll try to review ealier. I swear.

Yeah! I made the 100 percent cut! Woot! Yay! I'm totally happy now. And it's not the simulation and Roxas is regular Roxas... so why didn't he react to her like usual... or maybe he did and I just didn't really pick up on it. After all, why else would he try to get her into the games.

Roxas won... I can't decide if I'm happy or not about that. I think it's good that she hasn't won everything that she goes up against. It builds character and she won't be too stuck up (not that I think it's in her character to be really stuck up) later on.

Poor Axel... he's got no one. Unless you make it into a Larxel. Is that what you are intending or is he just going to be the pairless guy in this fic? Ah well, he seems lonely. Well... as lonely as a guy who doesn't have a heart can be.

And that last bit with Raxein and Roxas was so cute. Although... what is she worried about? Hmm... questions that shall be answered when you update.

Wonderful chapter and I only have two things to critique:

1. At the end of a dialogue sentence, you need to put a period to signify the end. Either that or a question or exclamation mark to note the end of the dialogue sentence. And then you put the quotation marks.

2. You misspelled allowed. You wrote aloud. While this is a correct spelling, it's the wrong word. Aloud is like speaking aloud. You meant allowed, as in permission to do something.

That's about it. Love the chapter, yet again, and I can't wait to see what you have next.

3/8/2008 c16 9LookingGlassKid
Lovin' this so much!
3/8/2008 c7 LookingGlassKid
Lovin it!
3/8/2008 c4 LookingGlassKid
OMG! Poor you! This really good! *Adds to favorites*
3/7/2008 c16 22LifesLover
Roxas is... the Struggle champion? And... he doesn't know Raxein? Does that mean she's in... carbon copy Twilight Town? The one where everyone is made from data? How did Xemnas manage that? Hmm... I wonder. I am so intrigued and I want the next update so bad. Sorry it took so long to review but I haven't checked my e-mail in a while. Big mistake. Hehe.

Girl power! Woot woot! Yeah to the girl power! She beat Seifer! *dances a jig around Seifer in head* Hehehe. I'm not a big fan of Seifer, although he is hot. The beanie is a little much, though.

Ooh, I want to find out who wins the battle. The data copy of the Key of Destiny or Raxein? Hmm... will her feelings get in the way? I hope not.

Poor Hayner... he never wins. I'm going to have to have a fic where he wins.

Oh, in the beginning when Axel is asking 'where did you sent her?'. It should be 'where did you senD her?'. It's in past tense so it should be send instead of sent. That's about the only real mistake that I see in this chapter.

It's getting better and better!

Go Raxein!


P.S. Did I make the 100 percent cut?
3/2/2008 c15 LifesLover
Hehehe. I won't bash you for not doing your homework because that would make me a hypocrite. I often don't do my homework or school work and, instead, wrote the next chapter to one of my fics.

Sorry that this is late, once again. I still have no computer (I took it to the computer people yesterday and they said that my entire operating system was shot and that I wouldn't be able to save anything on it- I cried a little).

But I had this story to raise my spirits! I found this chapter to be absolutely hysterical because of Xigbar's bunny boxers. *snicker madly*

And then there was the rest of the chapter.

I am exceedingly curious as to what Xemnas is planning. Why would he want Raxein to participate in the Struggle match and want to win? What would be the purpose of that? Hmm... questions that I want answers to. Most definitely.

I love the Roxas and Raxein part. And how Zexion would rather that Demyx be the one to bandage him up. I thought that was so sweet. I love the Zemyx! Kehehe. I'm so obsessed.

No! I would never forget about you or give up on you or anything. God no! I just got a little behind in everything. But no! Never think such a thing again. I shall review every single chapter of this story, have no fear of that.

Good luck with the next chapter!

2/25/2008 c14 LifesLover
Gah! I'm so sorry that it took me so long to review but I've been so busy and my computer died on me so I only have small snippets of time to check my e-mail and then answer said e-mail. I'm sorry. Anyway... on to the actual review.

Raxein is awesome! Smart move at the end although I feel bad that she got hurt. I think it hurt Axel more to watch her get hit so much than it hurt her to actually get hit. If that made sense. Ehehe. I love action too. I just suck at writing it. An action scene has to be fast paced and I write at a slow pace, as can be seen by my stories. Oh well, maybe one day I will get that good.

You did a wonderful job with the action scene, by the way. I loved the Demyx part and where she thought about how Axel would have saved the best for last and I was thinking 'Heck yeah, Demyx is the best!' Woot Woot! Ah, me loveys Demyx. I felt so bad for him, though, because Raxein destroyed his precious water clones. There's this totally cute Demyx chibi picture on DA that shows him with his water clones and his dancer nobodies. When I found out that he controlled the Dancer Nobodies, I nodded wisely to myself and thought 'That fits'. Oh, Demyx, I wish I could hug you!

Ok, that was totally random but me being random is fun. Right? Ok, now I'm like self conscious and wanting to erase this entire review. But I hate erasing what I've written so I won't do that and you can just sit and read this entirely pointless review.

Ahahha! I loved how everyone had to hold the 'hothead' back from helping. Poor Axel, it had to have hurt to see his sister like that. He's such the overprotective big brother type. Kinda reminds me of my own bubby. I miss my bubby. Yes, I call my brother bubby and yes, he can't stand it. I miss him.

Yes, another pointless review from me. What else can I say now? Hm, don't know.

Until next time!

2/20/2008 c14 3Forgotten in Darkness
Keep Writing i really like this story. :)
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