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for Shinji and Asuka

7/26/2013 c23 4RealRemainder
...this is fantastic...

I have nothing else... Wish I had found it sooner, really.

It's fantastic. The few nippicks I have involve Gendo and Asuka not remembering she was raped, but you can easily see past them, because this is just fantastic!
7/25/2013 c1 4Panda-kun
Awesome !
7/23/2013 c9 Guest
7/23/2013 c8 Guest
AWESOME. Do a sequil
7/7/2013 c6 4RealRemainder
Well, I was totally skeptical, especialy because of how you were handling something as serious as rape...

But you caught my attention and this actually sounds believable... even if Shinji is a bit OOC (I could be wrong, maybe there is an event on later chapters that explain a bit of his Change. I can't have been just Asuka's teasing, after all he was teased 7 ways through sunday in the anime and he didn't rape her there...)

I'll keep reading, see how it ends. (That's waht I love about old pieces, they're finished, just fave and enjoy, no need to wait for more chapters.)
6/20/2013 c23 Fantasyvamp3
just read this story for the third time a still loved it every bit as much as the first time
6/2/2013 c18 phearon
6/1/2013 c23 Anonymous
Well written - excellent read.
5/30/2013 c6 Badgedbadger
Asuka's going to get pregnant, and then Kaji will be all like, "You actually believed me?". I am calling this.
5/28/2013 c17 4Gemini011
I don't blame you for taking so long to develop that anagram. I realized what it was after her comment about music, but before that I was like what the hell kind of name is that? That's not a real name. Made so much sense once I realized her identity.
5/8/2013 c23 Me
This has truly been an absolutely amazing story. Once i started reading i simply couldn't stop reading. I will admit this story surprised me by how it was able to completely pull me in and keep me hooked until the very last line. I honestly only am writing this as a way of saying thank you for taking the time to write this.
3/7/2013 c23 Leviathan
Over all this was an enjoyable story to read...or reread as the case may be. The ending wasn't the best, but it was enjoyable without tying up all the lose ends
3/3/2013 c5 Djejwhsbdifhejis
I always imagined it as Shinji and asuka having sex, then misato walks in drunk and just sit down and starts watching. Having a sober misato watch them make out is kinda awk...
3/2/2013 c1 Ididjfjfhskeihfn
Awwsome 1st chapter. That is exactly what shinji would do if he cracked. And it wasn't that dark, i mean, i've read more tragic fanfics before. And it was pretty well written
2/18/2013 c23 alexanaxela
i enjoyed this story. This was one of the first shinji and asuka stories that i read, and it's really amazing to think about the dynamics between them. They're both soo different from each but also soo similar too in a way. The only thing that got to me was how ooc shinji was. I understand shinji has to be slightly ooc or else nothing would ever happen ;) but his reaction to learning that he was being drugged was just seemed weird. "Oh i'm being drugged for god know why? Don't care, had sex." Other than that, top notch story
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