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4/26/2014 c11 searge
Sounds cool, good to see ya 'round. This is a great story I remember runnin' into a few years back, was disappointed it didn't last long. But understandable with these times. Glad it's possibly gonna be revamped though, that's somethin' pretty cool. Like an inserted wedding scene or something like that, haha. Anyway, happy writin', and welcome back
7/17/2009 c10 Mefist
The whole concept is somewhat crazy. Honestly, vanishing for 12 years and after such long time realising his place is with the woman he left behind is a bit of an overstretch. But still an interesting and well thought out story with some minor flaws :p

You haven't updated for half a year I hope you haven't dropped it yet, so many unfinished stories out there :/
1/14/2009 c10 Solo
man...this is some sad shit...but it can be fix'd!...just kick that oc's ass to the curb and have fayt fall on his knees and beg her with everything he has for her to take him back so they can work thourgh this..
1/11/2009 c10 7xOwlCityx


this story is awesome

whoo hoo taylor got her mojo back

6/13/2008 c1 Selryam
Um, kinda bad. First of all, you didn't really set the scene. I didn't know this was however many years later until it was stated that Maria disappeared and Nel had a daughter. And, uh, I really feel that the characters simply are not in character. I cannot believe that Fayt and Nel would conceive a child, especially since he is love with Maria? And if Nel is so good at holding back her feelings, why would she snap at Fayt, especially in front of their daughter?

I also have issues with grammatical errors. I see in your fic many awkward sentences and a great lack of commas.
6/9/2008 c9 Ilko Skevuld
woo, when i saw the chapter title, i feared the worst. Glad you aren't giving up on this story.
12/2/2007 c5 xOwlCityx
o its juicy!Q!

AHH JAMES IS IN IT! lol jkjkjk

post more soon :D

10/31/2007 c3 xOwlCityx
o so good

update soon missy!

10/28/2007 c2 xOwlCityx
o, it kept its juicyness!

lol still good!

update soon!

10/28/2007 c1 xOwlCityx
o. it's juicy!

lol good but sad. update soon


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