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for The Jedi of Oz

4/4 c2 130rebecca-in-blue
It's so much fun to see how you have Luke acting out Dorothy's story here. They definitely had some things in common. Casting the Ewoks as the munchkins was a great idea.
7/25/2017 c4 Daydreams.and.Butterflys
While this will probably remain an unfinished gem, this is a wonderful crossover.
5/20/2002 c3 Tsuki
Oh my god, i am just laughing and laughing and luaghing...keep it up! I luuuuuv it!
12/20/2001 c2 DragonLady
This. Rocks. So. Much. You simply must continue, you must! *whines like C-3PO until more appears*
12/8/2001 c1 JYR
I too want to see the next chapter. the concept itself is hilarious.
11/25/2001 c1 medon'tknow
when was the last time you updated? More, ect...
10/10/2001 c1 me
your story was ok but DONT PUT IT IN THE HUMOR CATEGORY!
10/9/2001 c1 Patrick Jareth Trieloff
I found your story to be very well written. I am confused though...WHERES THE NEXT CHAPTER? I wanted to read more! It was just getting interesting.

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