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for Yugioh! GX Twilight

3/2/2009 c1 Darius
You seriously need to let us know the names of the cards give us information of your made up ones.

You lack description, and this is so far a very dull story to read. You say that this has been re-written? Well, you could have fooled me.
4/1/2008 c1 1IonicAmalgam
this seems like a good story from what I can tell of the start (no time to read rest tonight), I don't know why it only has 2 other reviews...
11/1/2007 c1 74Syrus Fanatic 4-Ever
I like it.
11/1/2007 c2 7small victory
Good. Very good.

needs names though. But I'm sure you'll get that later on.

Be sure to update when you get the chance.

You write so well! Keep it up!

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