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11/23/2007 c6 3Sweet Cocoa
That was a lovely story - liked the way everything worked out
11/23/2007 c1 McFlyFan101
really good
11/20/2007 c6 account1234
I really enjoyed reading this. Probably one of the best thought out and executed Torchwood/Stargate crossovers i've ever read.

It's nice to read a fic with a happy ending for a change too, and i like how you gave Myfanwy a character.

Brilliant end to a brilliant fic, well done!
11/19/2007 c6 36Elizabeth Bartlett

great story.
11/18/2007 c5 Elizabeth Bartlett
Aw...poor Jack.

loved the chapter!
11/6/2007 c4 3Sweet Cocoa
Things are getting exciting! and I'm glad that Ianto and Jack are on the mend too!
11/4/2007 c4 107kirallie
Not good. DOn't really blame Ianto for leaving but he should let Jack explain everything. What will they do now the Orii have access to Time Lord tech?
11/2/2007 c4 36Elizabeth Bartlett
11/2/2007 c4 23sleipnirfenris
oh the plot thickens. jack's right they are screwed. Timelord technology in the hands of the ori! that's very very bad.

at least jack and ianto are talking again yay!
11/2/2007 c4 41SpaceMonkey0941

What a great twist! These two shows have a lot of potential for crossovers, good idea and nice writing!
11/2/2007 c4 55JennMel
Good story:)
11/2/2007 c4 account1234
This is really good, but could you please use propper punctuation? i.e, Commas/ full stops after each quotation, full stops or commas at the end of each line/ paragraph, please. It just makes it hard to read when the line ends without any punctuation.

I really like the story, its coming along nicely, well done!
11/2/2007 c4 Hazelayes
*\o/* GO! Reefgirl :D This is brilliant! I LOVE Actionman!Jack. Can't wait for the next bit :]
11/1/2007 c3 36Elizabeth Bartlett
lmao...Vala's response was great. She *is* a female Jack now that I think about it ^-^ Loved the Rader mention and the chapter was great as always. Can't wait to see how Ianto reacts when Jack shows up.
11/1/2007 c3 1Can'tBeYourSuperman
Love the update!

Can't wait for more =]
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