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for Daily Prophet: A letter

12/30/2016 c1 2Dragoneye0103
Awesome! Please write some more.
Was the letter from Remus Lupin?
12/2/2011 c1 7Phi ScarlaDraconia
That was probably never printed .
10/9/2010 c1 9kyootness
I smell little miss Know - It - All behind this letter... =D

Really nice concept anyway, well written too.
6/6/2010 c1 18Locked in a Stony Tower
mmm...this has to be writen by Miss Hermione Granger...
1/16/2008 c1 35Kaira-chan15
Hm that was interesting, an original idea. Was that from Lupin? :P
10/30/2007 c1 6FlameintheFlood
WoOt! doesn't really sound like something the Prophet would publish though... great job and wonderful reasoning.
10/30/2007 c1 Rosebud811
Interesting... I'm mulling over in my mind who might have written it.

Quick grammar correction: " In fact, if a werewolf encloses, for example when searching for a job" should be "if a werewolf *discloses*"
10/30/2007 c1 92RebeccaRoy
That was good, there are several people who could have written that...

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