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for Once Upon All Hallow's Eve

10/26/2012 c7 5darkcazzievirvues
Not Bad, I hope that Lyndis doesn't fall for Dracula in this story because I be upset of that
10/18/2011 c6 Parisian Cherie

I just found this story at midnight and I have been reading it for the past hour and a half. Please continue this story it is SOOO GOOD. I know you haven't continued it in a while but believe you me it is worth continuing. I know everyone is into stupid TWILIGHT but believe me Dracula is forever cool. Please continue, this is an amazing story, I can't stress enough how wonderful it is. I hope I can perhaps entice you to write about this story more.


parisian cherie
6/15/2008 c5 3chase young's daughter
Great Chapter (:

your descriptions are getting good (Y)

waiting anxiusly for the next chapter,

4/27/2008 c5 1Shorty1975
Great story thus far. I can't wait to read more.
4/24/2008 c5 3Alavalynn
i AM SO GALD THAT YOU ARE BACK! I have missed this story so much. I can understand about school work. I'm only in 10th grade and the work load is horrible. Being a Senior must be even harder. Good Luck!

I really loved this chapter, I like the details, and how you incorporated the past. This chapter was so good. Please update soon!
4/24/2008 c5 28Shoysrock
Yay! You've updated!

Now my long long curiosity for the next chapter is revealed! YES!

4/23/2008 c5 27DavidRossisGirl36
Great new chapter. I love it. Update soon.

3/2/2008 c4 3Alavalynn
I love this story too! I like how Dracula is different in each of your stories. I like him in this one. I like to see how each of your Draculas shall we say react to the situations and how their personalities grow different from another. You are very origninal and talented.

Please update soon!

P.S. i love your detailing, when Dracula controls Silver and how you explained her hearing music!
12/30/2007 c4 Chris
I'm really liking this story so far. It's really going places now.

I thought this one sentence: "One thing he(r) Uncle Quincy had always told was that she should always trust her instincts, they were good ones." should have a semicolon instead of a comma. It would just be perfect for a semicolon, I think, or else "for" or something.

It's actually "Dubble Bubble." The silly gum people decided to spell their name wrong :P
12/2/2007 c4 3chase young's daughter
I like it !

Please Update really soon !

Love xx
11/29/2007 c4 28Shoysrock
Wow1 ACTION! YES! This story is going to be GOOD!

OH MY GOD I LIVE IN MICHIGAN! O_O I'll keep a lookout for them!

11/29/2007 c4 9Dr.Lust
Good chapter. Turned out a bit different than what I had thought, but still good. Please update soon!

11/24/2007 c3 Nikki
Great story so far. You've gotta add more soon. It just gets better as you keep adding to it.
11/12/2007 c3 Dr.Lust
I read the chapter in a breath! It was awesome, AWESOME!

You did a great job, I love the portrayal of your characters!

And I'd like to meet VH soon!

Keep up the good work! :)

11/11/2007 c3 28Shoysrock
At last Dracula!


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