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6/28/2014 c1 me
AHHHHHH! Why would you write something like that? It's so creepy! (In a well written way)
12/9/2009 c1 Kraven the Hunter
Delightfully creepy!
12/18/2007 c1 81Aero Tendo
Good Halloween story! :) Spooky too! :)
10/31/2007 c1 Captain IT
part of it sounds like a legend here in Tulsa,Ok... the legend of Sparky`s graveyard
10/30/2007 c1 Tim
Ah, the old "Dead Boyfriend" urban legend with a KP twist. Chilling little tale.
10/30/2007 c1 1JazminGro
Awesome story!

This is SO in my favorite stories now! ^^
10/30/2007 c1 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Very good one!

I have two Halloween fics; one is 'Amity's Halloween', with Danny Phantom, and the other 'The Vampire', a Hey, Arnold/Rugrats-AGU crossover. I recommend you the DP one; the other is part of a series, and, if you don't read it all, may not understand the fic.

Keep the good writing.

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