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11/21/2020 c2 Shogun lord poke burst
Update please
9/21/2020 c2 ramunes
please update this
6/3/2020 c2 8multyfangirl21
Nice, Cedric isn't dead.

I haven't read that many fics where Harry's parents survived. The ones that I have read are ones where only one of his parents survived.
And it looks like only the one I've read where Lilly survived is the only one where Harry might , just maybe might , get a half sibling or two. Which means Snape better start treating Harry better if that is to happen.

The only other ones that I've read where Harry has two parents is when he gets adopted a crossover with Sherlock , where Joan is a cousin of Lilly's and married to Sherlock and got a letter late from when Lilly sent it to begging her to take care of Harry if she died. Where he was only a toddler when she and Mycroft rescued him from the Dursleys and she disowned Petunia. Due to Sherlock have black unruly hair and Harry looking the right age most people assumed that Harry was Sherlock and Joan's biological son, which made several people guilty since Harry was seen during the time Sherlock faked his own death. Heck even Sherlock at first thought he left his wife pregnant when he came back.
And in The extra Weasley where Dumbledore went to check on Harry when he's 7 or 8 and gets dropped off at the Burrow for a few days where Dumbledore tries to find a different relative to take him to. He was unsuccessful when he tried to take Harry back due to him getting 7 adopted siblings attached to him and the protective parents that are Aurther and especially Molly. They then get a several Gallon stipend for taking care of Harry so they don't have money problems.
Ok, I haven't really read any other fics where both Lilly and James don't die.
6/2/2020 c1 multyfangirl21
Well I'm hooked. I kinda wish that later on its found out that Harry was the one who took out Voldy or that both kids did and one twin is not strong enough to do it again on his own.
I'm also hoping that Harry goes to the American school instead of Hogwarts but I know that would be quite the challenge since theres not as much known about it.
4/16/2020 c2 Guest
Espero que continues con la historia pronto por favor gracias
4/11/2020 c1 Fiction-Lover1
that's it!? I want more this was awesome
3/7/2020 c2 ddsurvivor
interesting 2 chapters to explain life before Hogwarts and 4 years at the school. I like the way the story was writtened. Had to look up gargoyles, Only remember the head gargoyle Goliath. didn't remember any other character.
1/24/2020 c2 animerule64
Add more chapters please
11/29/2019 c2 Guest
Great story I hope it's updated soon
4/21/2019 c2 reaperofages
good story hope for an update
11/14/2018 c2 ej-83
Muahahaha.. So.. Wrong boy who lived.. Take that u british morons.. Would be awesome now to see the rest train dylan n etc to get rid of voldemort n dumbledore.. Let cedric be the one to help clear dylan's name too..but keep the secret.. Let the chaos begin.. Update soon plz
8/2/2018 c2 Dezzi95
Super interested to see more of this :p
7/1/2018 c2 N. A. Wennerholm
It has been Eight Years Since the Last Update.

I know Writers Block can be a Bitch. But Seriously The British Wizarding World Has just Proven that They are Idiots and Many of the Men don't have Much for Brains. And Since Dumbledore has never had any children He Doesn't seem to get that he and thus James are the ones who are the Unreasonable Ones because they can't reason one bit The Wizarding world lack complete and udder comment since. And with everything going on. And taking into account the legal papers signed by James and Lily. Lily can't go after custody of Dylan herself. But I am thinking that The Queen the Boys Great Great Grandmother can say she doesn't want one of her Heir there anymore and in danger, since Voldemort intends to Kill Dylan and later go after Lily and Harry along with any other children and Kill them And Probably wants to Kill James too. But Since Lily's Family never really approved of James because of what they saw in him. If He gets killed So be it but when it comes to their Family the Queen is removing them from Harm's way.

But as a Thought, You could have The Queen Titania negotiate a Treaty with Queen Elizabeth To go into the Magical Community And clean house. Removing all the Death Eaters and Voldemort as well as Reform and clean out the corruption in the Ministry. And there is a lot to clean out including doing away with immoral and unethical Laws. And laws that discriminate.

But I do like that Dylan Views his Mother's and Brothers and Sister's Home his. I even get the impression that He likes His Step Father better than James. Plus I wonder what the Wizarding World Would think if they found Out that The Evans are Part Sidhe/Fae. And Where never muggles. Just a Sidhe squid line.

But Yet I would still make sure that James Twin Boys and Daughter were still the PottersPerivale Heirs And took the Seats on the Wizengamot so they can work to set things right in that backwards world when it comes to their Treatment of People. The men of that world are the worst with some exceptions.

Plus I am Glad that. Dylan was able to save Diggery.
9/1/2017 c1 22Katzztar
The only thing that Moody's trunk was called was a "7 compartment trunk".
9/1/2017 c2 HairyLimey
An eight year cliffy!? ...you do know you're evil right?
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