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10/1/2020 c2 Ella Hill
8/30/2020 c24 StarkLord
Maan there are too many coincidents.
6/28/2020 c31 Hermionefan
Omg ! Beautifully ended ! I wish they kinda did more activity hehehe. But I understand if it is not your type. Amazing fanfic. Loved it !
6/28/2020 c27 Hermionefan
I think that Draco should be more...i dont know...romantic or rough. I feel like everything is going too slow. The O’Leary thing is going on beautifully, but the things between hermione and Draco should move a BIT faster. That’s what I think anyway. Overall, awesome fanfic. You got skills.
5/28/2020 c1 Guest
Hi. I Love this story of Hermione and Draco. Can you write another telling how everyting goes from here?
4/12/2020 c1 drellamore24
Just wanted to say thank you. This was the first fic I've ever read that got me started with reading dramione. I saw this on winglin 19yrs ago haha.
12/22/2019 c31 Guest
Best. Story. Ever.
8/30/2019 c20 Mrs.Legilimens
ugh, these two are super indecisive, it's getting annoying. One moment they are angry, glaring, insulting each other, then holding each other softly or being all buddy-buddy in the next moment.
8/22/2019 c31 Nina Margot
R u gonna finish it? Pls do!
7/17/2019 c1 Virte
I absolutely love this fanfiction. I inspires me to create some Dramione fan art. Keep up the wonderful writing!
3/22/2019 c31 Me
One of the best fanfic I've ever read.
1/30/2019 c31 Guest
Is there a sequel to this bloody brilliant story or not? I whole heartedly agree with u, there should be some confusion and ego between the two. Them being the perfect couple just seems to good to be true. Small arguments make it more realistic. Plus, fighting with each other would just make them more attracted, and if in any case one gets angry enough to avoid the other or return to the bickering and glaring part, then it would be all the more fun being passionate after anger. Also absence makes the heart grow fonder, so ignorance would work too.
1/22/2019 c31 Guest
It was a delight watching you progress. At first, I’ll be honest, your grammar and spelling made me cringe. But I was hooked on your story. I’ve never seen someone weave in new plot while staying true to the social connections and even plot bits in the original books. Even better, your technical writing improved drastically as time went on. You’re a great writer, and I deeply enjoyed your story.
12/27/2018 c31 Guest
Yassss best t rated dramionie fanfic ever
11/29/2018 c31 Tuki4
To be honest it isn't the first time a read this story. I believed that my opinion hasn't changed that much, though. It's been an interesting read, I was hooked from the beginning. The main characters were well developed and I liked them and they didn't feel out of character which I appreciate a lot. Although, I didn't quiet like how Draco resorted to his "physical superiority" to take the upper hand of nearly every difficult situation. As you have portrayed an intelligent and quick thinker character, I'd have rather seen him using his brain more often. I understand that sometimes we just can't expect someone to react calmly or logically, but he was continously imposing his ways over Hermiones' and for me that felt wrong. I also felt like the end was... incomplete? Maybe I just wanted something more, like the relationship wasn't developed enough.
All in all thank you for your great story,
Love from Spain
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