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8/30/2001 c6 emma bob jimmy jane and sara ann
too cute! even cuter than my name! although i really don't see the 2 characters actually getting together, it is funny to think about it though!
8/30/2001 c6 2DarkAngel8
This is a very good story. You're bringing it along nicely instead of plunging right on in and making it unrealistic. Also you haven't fallen into the trap of writing one chapter then deserting. So please don't fall into that trap at all, and bring the next installment out soon. Thanks.
8/30/2001 c6 Black Dreams
Hey whts gonna happen next
8/30/2001 c6 EricaM
Your story is very good! Looking forward to the next part.
8/30/2001 c6 17Jade Straight
Oh! I want more! That was SO sweet!
8/30/2001 c6 River

that was very good...do update soon
8/29/2001 c6 Wren8
Neat! It's certainly very creative- I never would have thought of Draco as the Arithmancy type. The flow is really nice- it keeps on moving and it's very interesting despite some small, but rather annoying typos. Good job! Keep writing. I can't wait top read the rest of the fic!
8/29/2001 c2 1Logue
Great chapter!Keep up the great work!Hugs,Bella
8/29/2001 c1 1Vegeta
I love that this fic isn’t them immediately falling madly in love. I like how you are drawing it out. You have the characters down very well. Write more soon! :)
11/27/2004 c31 DRACOSLOVERGURL
awesome and awesome and more awesome i love this story but it took me a while to finally get to this chapter it took me 2 and a half hours i mean for me that is a lot of time! i hope you keep up the great writing!
11/27/2004 c1 Invisible-Shadow
haha thats great. i luvd how hermione hit draco with her book! lol brilliant. (plus i luv the fact that its my two fave characters in ur story!)
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