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9/17/2016 c3 Guest
I know you finished this a long time ago, but just in case you still see reviews from this, I wanted to let you know that your story is still being enjoyed 14 years later! Absolutely love your story so far, and I love your commitment to being true to the characters! Thanks for sharing your gifts with other fans! I hope you're still writing, in whatever area it may be!
8/8/2016 c31 1Fanatic1369
Omg! I loved this Dramione fan fic! Please write the sequel...I need to read it immediately!
8/5/2016 c2 dragonsbride
I just can't believe, that I discovered this story after such a long time! After the "Cursed Child" and the disappointment that followed I definitely needed a good fanfiction and in search for that I ran across this story. Very well done! I absolutely love Dramione, so this was perfect. And I think you developed the characters in a way, that the plot seemed plausible. And for me it could've been much longer... :)
7/31/2016 c1 13DZHoneyBee
Just came across this story and already I love it! I have read stories in the past where writers simply transform Hermione and Draco into completely different characters to suit them but you already have a great grasp on Draco and Hermione and I know I am going to enjoy reading this so much!
7/13/2016 c31 BlaackPepper
Super cute ending! I'm glad Draco is accepting the fact that he has fallen for our favorite bookworm gryffindor! Hopefully they live happily ever after, they are very much deserving of it after all. xx
7/10/2016 c31 BlairPotter2319
This fanfic was amazing! You are a very good writer, and I enjoyed reading this. I actually finished it in two days because I was so hooked!

Much appreciation,
Blair Potter
7/5/2016 c31 16Mistress DragonFlame
What a lovely story you have here. It was very well done: yes there were a few grammatical or spelling errors, but they were not distracting from the story. Your characterization, which is normally much harder to accomplish, was very well done! I loved your characters they matched the original story line very much.
7/2/2016 c31 Sweetchildmine
I really enjoyed the pace of this story, and I especially liked how Draco never got too mushy, and whenever I see a Draco who expresses feelings too easily, I find I get a bit put off from the character.
6/18/2016 c31 Swbookfan
Wow. That was really realistic. It's not like Draco and Hermione would just magically fall in love with each other. It would take some time. You are a really good author. Is there a sequel yet?
5/29/2016 c31 JCMORGENSTERN
This story is amazing!I literally stayed all night reading it!I read lots of dramione fanfictions,but this is one of my favorites! And you are incredible writer!And i like the way you presented Draco and his struggling with his emotions for Hermione.I was fangirling so much!And the thing about grammar-it really isn't big deal,everyone make mistakes(I surely have thousands just now-english isn't my mother tongue so I am giving my best to make less and less mistakes).And also I am glad that I am not alone in this ship and thank you for writing and sharing this beautiful story
5/23/2016 c31 S
Did you make a sequel yet? *Hopefully excited face*
5/23/2016 c24 Guest
I laughed so hard at that last part, you are a great author!
5/23/2016 c21 Guest
Of course we care about your problems!
5/22/2016 c23 5eterna-romantica03
Interesting take on the creation of spells.
5/21/2016 c21 eterna-romantica03
This up and down, cold and hot with Draco is annoying.
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