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10/7/2008 c1 Ookami RP
Nice work!
5/10/2008 c5 Kalessin92
in my opinion, the story doesn't need to be redone, but its your story and I respect your decision whatever it is
4/8/2008 c4 LordHatredX
good chap

update! ! ! !
3/20/2008 c4 9Dragon Man 180
I can't wait to see what Naruto has planned for Ino. I also hope he'll be a sort of benevolent dictator for Wave, protecting the people and only asking them to support him with supplies and skills that he needs like craftsmen and such.
3/20/2008 c4 colin
Interesting very interesting. Update soon
3/20/2008 c4 Lord Inquisitor Kriss
oh, nice on.

I know how you explained to families, but that's wrong. The Hyyuga council are all main house.

If you watch the chuunin exams, where it has the clip of before Neji getting the curse seal, all those in dark clothing are main house,and those in light clothes are branch house
3/20/2008 c4 1TimeReaper
Update soon! :)
3/20/2008 c4 ArmorOfGeddon
People assume their is more than Hiashi, Hinata, and Hanabi because there isn't a Main Family persay, but a Main House (led by the Head Family). Big difference in a large clan. Large clans are divided into houses, and each house is made up of multiple families. That's the stupidity of the Hyuuga clan. In some cases they force the families to divide themselves, and one half goes into the Main House, while the other goes into the Branch.

In Hiashi's case, Hizashi was sent to the Branch House in order to ensure that their was no undue competition for the title of clan head. Tradition dictated that as the one who came out of the womb first, Hiashi should be head, so Hizashi was immediately made a Branch member so no one would use him as a tool to contest Hiashi's authority.

Think about it, if Branch House members hate the Main House members so much, and there were only three of Main House, do you really believe the Hyuuga wouldn't have revolted by now? Especially when Hiash relies on them to be his bodyguards? He has to drop his guard sometime. They'd have killed him in his sleep (or poisoned his food with some poison that his food taster has taken an antidote to) by now and strung up Hinata and Hanabi by their guts. The seal wouldn't protect them from the Branch House's sheer numbers. It works because there are enough Main House members that at least one of them can activate the seals before the Branch House members can take them all out.
3/20/2008 c4 XxEro-GakixX
Damn glad you started this up again. And we can sympathize with the falling asleep thing.
2/19/2008 c1 XxEro-GakixX
Are you going to finish this?
1/14/2008 c2 XxEro-GakixX
Please update soon. I'm tired of only partly reading stories that have a decent plot line to them. And this is one of them.
1/8/2008 c3 Ookami RP
12/30/2007 c3 ArmorOfGeddon
That... was brutal. Why kill innocents when he could have changed their memories? It would have taken longer, much longer, but he wouldn't have innocent blood on his hands then. As it stands, he's now no better than any of the villains he fought originally.

In fact, he's much worse then Gaara (who was driven insane) and Haku (who blindly followed the only person in the world who gave his life value). He's now on a par with some Akatsuki members in terms of evil behavior (Kisame and Kakuzu are just glorifed thugs who kill because it's more convenient than legitmate solutions to problems).
12/27/2007 c3 XavierFox
the story looks very intresting! Update Soon Plz!
11/19/2007 c3 mbshadow
i'm not really shore how to respond to this chapter i want to say it's good but something in me won't let me so i'll just say its better than most of the stuff i've read lately.
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