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for Hitting Walls and Getting Scars

2/15/2022 c10 2yarnfan4life
Love it please write more
8/31/2016 c3 Connwaer Heap
Now I'm really wondering what happened that night...
8/31/2016 c2 Connwaer Heap
Oh no! I hope Dean isn't hurt. :(
8/31/2016 c1 Connwaer Heap
Awwww, poor Sam. :(
2/24/2014 c10 Guest
This is great
9/26/2013 c10 58LaueHime
Awesome story ! It was a good way to use the episode it was based on ! I enjoyed reading it and seeing how, even when they're apart and angry with each other, Sam and Dean still care so much about the other that it makes them sick. Good jog with that, I enjoyed reading your story !
1/5/2013 c10 5Dancing Eyes
Aw! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! I have devoured it and it is stunning, how you did angst on both sides, totally flailing and eeking...oh just loved it! I don't even have the words to tell you how good this is!
6/30/2010 c10 30JediMagnet09
Great story! Fantastic job! :)
10/7/2008 c10 13sayrae3times
Oh man, this was so good. It killed me that I couldn't read it all at once! I have to say (in my morbid mind) my absolute most favorite part was Sam getting that infection and Zach and Becky being there for him. Sam's confusion on what to tell his friends that would be believable without revealing too much and how he hated lying to them was right on. I could just picture everything in mind and it fit so well in the actual Supernatural storyline as to why Sam was so insistent on helping Zach and Becky in the first place. Great, great fic. Loved it!
8/30/2008 c10 107kirallie
Good work! Go Sam, can't believe he's blaming himself for stuff since he saved their lives. Interesting that Dean started feeling sick when Sam was.
5/10/2008 c7 16JenBurch
Aw, they went to Stanford and Sam doesnt know it? That's just too sad! Why couldn't those Winchester's just open their mouths and SAY something? Anything! Well, at least Sam and Dean because we all know that John and Sam tend to say stupid things to each other and then everything just goes all pear-shaped and... but Dean and Sam could've talked!

:( I'm really sad now, poor Sammy doesnt know that his family loves him and cares about him, he thinks he's so useless and worthless and that they're better off without him! He cant even see that he saved both their lives, that he did everything he could to warn them about the amulet and then when he couldnt get through to them he went there and found it himself!

AND Sam is in no way a bad hunter, he's a natural at it he just doesnt like it, which is fair enough. But why cant he see that he's more than capable, that he's not a burden to anyone, that he can help?

*sigh* Damn Winchesters! lol
5/9/2008 c6 JenBurch
Oh man, Sammy's really, really sick! I wish Dean was with him!

This story is just breaking my heart! :(
5/9/2008 c5 JenBurch
Poor Sam keeps getting the wrong end of the stick huh? Imagine hearing your brothers voice for the first time in however long only to hear him saying that he doesnt want to see you, and believing its true - or at least believing the wrong reason behind it.

And now somethings wrong with Sam? I have to read on quick before my heart gives out totally :)
5/9/2008 c4 JenBurch
What? What what what what what? What did Sam see? What is Dean so worried about? Geez, the excitement just keeps on going!

hehehehe What am I so worried about? The next chapters - and the answers - are all sitting there waiting for me. It's just so unusual for me to not have any idea what's coming, normally I have SOME idea of what's ahead but this time? Nope, not a clue!
5/9/2008 c3 JenBurch
Oh wow... I cant... um... breathing becoming an issue here! Did I mention that I'm pregnant? I managed to get through Muffy's stuff without dropping a bundle, but not sure I'll make it through this one! lol I'm having the baby on Monday, btw, so she should probably stay there til then, so if you can maybe not scare the life out of me, or get me too excited... hm, maybe you should talk to Muffy about that one, she was worried too! lol Anyway, I've rambled about nothing, but know that thats a good thing coz it means that I'm loving this story and am too speechless to come up with something clever to say :)

Gotta read more now :)
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