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for Chocolate Kiss

8/2/2011 c1 Guest
Fuck ur gayy 40-year-old, tiny dick, horny ass
12/13/2007 c1 113Tiger5913
Well, this was a cute little piece. :) I don't usually read yaoi fics, but yours I will give a try, since you don't piss me off like those damn annoying rabid fans. By the way, this is my fourth attempt to submit a review, so if doesn't let it go through, I am going to IM you and bitch about it, okay? Just a friendly warning ahead of time, mwahaha. ^_^ Say, I just thought of something, doesn't the word "koi" actually mean fish in Japanese? XD I think the word "koishii" is an endearing term for a lover... maybe you meant to use that one? Well, my knowledge of Japanese is pretty limited, so I could be totally wrong about that, haha. Well, I hope you will go write more BR fics after this! ^^

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