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4/28/2015 c14 1Tamolino
Eh :/ want moreeeeeeeeeee
3/15/2008 c14 SuperNovaGirl
Love this!

But are you really finished?
12/14/2007 c14 10E. Nagrom
yay everything is corrected :D SG-1 back together yay :D

Jack whistling to the infirmary? Scary :S

12/10/2007 c14 samcarterrules

I just finished reading your story and I really enjoyed it! I loved you subtle ending too. Thanks for taking the time to write it :D

12/3/2007 c14 42ReganX
Honestly, I think that you made the right call going with subtle. The story took place over a relatively short period of time and as thins stand, they are both needed for the war effort, so I don’t think that it would have been in-character for them to choose for one or both of them to transfer away from SG-1 to be together, not when they’re needed. Anything more overtly shippy would have been going too far in this case.

I absolutely loved Sam’s line; “Look, Sir, you should know there's only one man I'm interested in and when the time and the regulations permit, I'll be there for him.” What an absolutely perfect way to sum things up! Sweet, but very poignant at the same time.

This story has been a joy to read; sad and funny in turns, and the character interactions have been really well-written throughout.

Hope to see more from you soon. :-)
12/2/2007 c14 2TinerB
Great job. I enjoyed Jack playing the fool, and Sam coming out on top. BTW I enjoyed the subtle shipper ending. Let's my imagination go all kinds of places. Thanks.

12/2/2007 c14 Bucky4
I like the ending very much! I prefer my shippiness hanging off the edge of canon.
12/1/2007 c14 froggy0319
I think Sam's last comment to Jack spoke volumes, and just think if the writers would have given at least that to us, shippers around the world would have smiled. I am just sad to see this end, but will wait for something new :)
12/1/2007 c14 sg1 huge fan
*throws a hissy fit* THE END! aw man! great work, look forward to more of your work, maybe some more tangible ship next time *bats eyes with a pleading look*?
12/1/2007 c14 gibblesgal
As usual, Janet had the upper hand. She knew that there was the possibility that Jack might become sick, yet she didn't advise him of this. It's like she knew he was going to disregard her orders to stay on the base, thus she'd get her own style of revenge when he did get sick. Having Sam 'tend' to Jack in her home, allowing his disrobing to be a lesson in humility. She wouldn't have had the opportunity to do that if he was in the infirmary. That was a great line from Sam about it being more fun to remove the clothing. She played a great cat and mouse game with him as much as he beat around the bush while trying to get up the nerve to approach the subject he went there to discuss. Fortunately, for both of them, they finally got on the same subject and worked out their plans for the future. It never hurts to have just a little bit of backup outside to make sure things are resolved properly.

I think your strategy was fantastic to finally make these two realize each others intentions. Pats author on back.
12/1/2007 c14 3gater62
That was truly awesome! Even when Jack is being a total a**, you've got to love him!
12/1/2007 c14 70BettyHall223
This was really good. I've enjoyed every chapter. Hope you will write more stories.
12/1/2007 c14 23nogigglingmajor
Loved time? Got another story in the works?
12/1/2007 c14 2MeadowUndertown
Oh yay!... they made up :)

and i just LOVED Sams comeback.."It's much more fun taking them off!"... i died! lol.. i could so see her sayin it, and tbh i was thinking the same

anyway great lil story, loved it!.. so like i promised heres your cookies just the way you like them.. *hands over cookies* enjoy! :)

12/1/2007 c14 11pezgirl1
i'm so glad that things are good between sam and jack (:

thanks for sharing the story!
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