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11/15/2007 c6 10E. Nagrom
ha ha love the team, doc and SG-5 :D think my face is broken from the smileing...:)

11/15/2007 c6 5sammie77
Another great chapter! Can't wait for Janet's plan! More, please!
11/15/2007 c6 blodwin
ooh its getting good. keep going. i can't wait to see what happens next. please update soon please please please please.
11/15/2007 c6 42ReganX
Okay, it’s official. Daniel and Teal’c are geniuses and by the sounds of things, so’s Janet.

Lovely chapter, nice and light after some serious ones but at the same time not over the top. I really liked the twist at the beginning with Colonel Sartes’ praise of Sam, and when he said that he had been telling the truth about how well she had done – does Jack know the full story about what happened on ‘394? Sam’s not exactly one to toot her own horn – and that he’d love to have her on SG-5. Hammond would probably jump at the chance to keep Sam at the SGC, even if that meant a different team.

Poor Jack. I think it’s really starting to hit home with him that Sam’s leaving and how much it’s going to affect him when she’s gone.

Looking forward to the next chapter and to seeing what Janet has planned. :-)
11/15/2007 c6 11pezgirl1
this is a great story, i love the angst between Sam and Jack. the characters are very well-written and so are the chapters.

please update soon, i'm looking forwards to the next chapter :D
11/15/2007 c6 feb04
hey , i like the plan that daniel and teal'c have obviously got going , i just love having janet in stories , i do miss her !
11/15/2007 c6 8prometheus246
oh. im excited for daniel's party now. update soon please
11/15/2007 c6 5smithcrafter
Oh, no! Now JANET's getting in on this little misunderstanding? Another cliche comes to mind. How does "comedy of errors" sound?
11/14/2007 c5 10iwrite4fun
Oh I love a good Jack/Sam angst story. Throw in the possiblility for romance and I'm begging you to give me more!
11/13/2007 c5 1mummi troll
This is definitely becoming one of my favourite stories!

God, isn't it depressing that all of this misery comes from Jack overhearing the wrong thing? And he certainly punishes her for it - especially the part with her non-involvement in Daniel's birthday party was heartwrenching because we know how close they all used to be!

This story is going on my favourites, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter - do you know how long the story's going to be?
11/13/2007 c5 75macisgate
This story is amazing! Sorry it's taken me so long to discover it. Definitely going on the author alert. Please update soon!
11/13/2007 c5 Bucky4
I'm absolutely hooked by this story. You've taken a classic miscommunication senario-*he* overhears what he believes to be Carter's rejection/ *She* believes he has overheard her confessing her attraction-and ratcheted up the distance between them because of the misunderstanding. I find it believable that O'Neill would displace his hurt into anger; and once he had a 'justifiable' cause for that anger, he would nurse it as long as he could.
11/13/2007 c5 gibblesgal
Whoa doggies! Talk about going from bad to worse in short order. For such a close team, they sure fell apart in a hurry. To top it all off, it all began from a misunderstanding! These people need to clear the air with each other before it's too late to avoid everlasting damages. I sure hope that's the direction you are eventually going with this story after you put plenty of stress on us wondering exactly when it will happen. :D Keep up the intensity of this wonderful fic.
11/13/2007 c5 froggy0319
Poor Sam :( I loved how Teal'c confronted Jack after Sam left the table he is going to lose her.
11/13/2007 c5 70BettyHall223
This is one time that Jack needs someone to slap him up side the head!
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