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11/7/2007 c2 froggy0319
Knew there was a reason for what Sam had said :) Just wondering how those two will ever see eye to eye again though...cannot wait to find out ;)
11/7/2007 c2 70BettyHall223
Ooh! This is good!
11/7/2007 c2 10E. Nagrom
Oh I can see some VERY fun times ahead mixed in with alot of chocolate and beer

11/7/2007 c2 3gater62
That was so incredibly angsty! I loved it!
11/7/2007 c2 5smithcrafter
snicker! Do you remember the old adage about not assuming anything? I think that could fit well in this story, couldn't it?
11/5/2007 c1 froggy0319
Would love to
11/5/2007 c1 2Hope Leslie Hermnharry
How promising...I love it already...Huge misunderstanding...Hope all will be revealed at the end...Your amongst my fav now!:)
11/5/2007 c1 10E. Nagrom
seems like the humble pie should still be on the menu. Please update when you can

11/5/2007 c1 blodwin
good so far. please let it end with a happy ending for sam and jack. please please please please update soon please please please.
11/5/2007 c1 feb04
whoa , what a start , it will be interesting where you go with this !
11/5/2007 c1 5smithcrafter
Ouch! Interesting start. You're on my story alert list.
11/5/2007 c1 219VisualIDentificationZeta
will this end with romance or UST?
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