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12/1/2007 c14 feb04
aww! nice ending , i love cheeky sam and though i felt sorry for jack , he did deserve to be sick ( you might have left him sick for a bit longer ) ha ha!. thank you for a great story i look forward to more from you !
12/1/2007 c14 5sammie77
Excellent! Great stuff! When are you starting the next story? Can't wait - hint, hint!
12/1/2007 c14 90Zoser
I will be waiting for next time!
12/1/2007 c14 5smithcrafter
Well, I still missed the "whumping", but you did good for the ending, anyway. :) Fun story.
12/1/2007 c14 30Loufiction
That was a cute ending. I wish it was't that subtle but how well I'm waiting for the "next time..." ;)
12/1/2007 c14 10Karibou
Fantastic ending! I'm so glad you posted this.

There's really nothing better than seeing Jack all humble and eating crow! Very cute. Loved the way Sam took care of him while he was sick. Great little exchange between Daniel and Teal'c at the end!

Thanks again for sharing.
12/1/2007 c14 10iwrite4fun
I absolutely love the ending. Yes, it isn't exactly the perfect ending, but it makes perfectly clear that there is a future for them-which is good enough for me.
12/1/2007 c13 42ReganX
After this, Jack’s not going to go offworld if he has so much as a sniffle! Loving evil Janet – and Hammond’s refusal to save Jack from his fate. After this chapter, it’s easy to see why the SGC is in awe of her.

Nice job with Daniel and Teal’c – I especially like that they were thwarted in the old ‘lock ‘em in a room together until they sort out their differences’ strategy by the simple fact that Sam had left already... though, in fairness, I can see why Sam going straight home wouldn’t be something they’d anticipate. Did Janet recommend that she head home, guessing that Daniel and Teal’c were fed up and ready to push a forced conversation, and thinking that it would be better for both their sakes if they could talk in private?

Very funny at the end when Jack cited Janet’s orders to stay on the base as a means of delaying his fate – although I couldn’t blame him if he wanted to stay on Janet’s good side. At least he’ll be able to point out that Daniel and Teal’c are the true culprits when she comes after him with needles for leaving. Or maybe she’ll forgive them since he left for the greater good so to speak.

Looking forward to the next chapter – and to their conversation.
11/30/2007 c13 70BettyHall223
Oh, this is good. Please update soon, I want to see how Jack tries to get out of this one.
11/30/2007 c13 froggy0319
Go to Sam please :)
11/30/2007 c13 gibblesgal
I'd say that the top of the hole that Jack has dug for himself is right about eye level, barely able to see how he's going to get himself out of trouble with well, gee, everyone close to him. He'd better think fast before someone steps on his head, burying him completely, squishing whatever good sense he may have left, out of his brain. If he doesn't, I fear that it's going to be open season on one Colonel Jack O'Neill.

I so love a pissed off Daniel and a play on words Janet. Teal'c or course is Teal'c at his stoic, you best not push me, best. LOL
11/29/2007 c13 sg1 huge fan
ROFL! I can't wait to see what reasoning he comes up with to get past Janet! *eagerly watches inbox for update alert*
11/29/2007 c13 23nogigglingmajor
Teal'c...Daniel...I love you guys!
11/29/2007 c13 10Karibou
"Did you not tell me, O'Neill that you are the master of the unorthodox interpretation of orders?"

Oh, yeah. Tell it like it is, Teal'c!

Loved the many character interactions in this chapter. And I really do miss Janet!
11/29/2007 c13 5sammie77
Aw, man - just when it was getting to the good part! Hurry up, woman! I can't wait!
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