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11/29/2007 c13 30Loufiction
Argh I thought we'd have "more action" in this one, I was really eager to get them to explain themselves...

Anyway the bit in the infirmary was fun :p the "It's for pain in the ass" was priceless :)
11/29/2007 c13 10E. Nagrom
Poor Jack, isn't it the pits when someone throws what you said back at you?

11/29/2007 c13 11pezgirl1
lol, poor sam and jack- the fireworks really are going to fly!

i wonder how many needle-holes jack has...

great chapter, thanks for updating (:
11/29/2007 c13 2ilovesg1andNASA
yay! so they're finally getting involved and forcing them to end this! shes not really going to leave still though, is she? i cant wait for the actual confontation and to see what the "unorthodox interpretation of orders" results in!
11/29/2007 c13 stusue
What a brilliant chapter! There were so many phrases that I absolutely adored! I really, really, really love your writing style! :o)

Now I can't wait to see what happens when they find Sam. What mood is she in now? Will she be as obstinate as Jack? What forms of 'persuasion' will Daniel and Teal'c have to employ to get them talking? And will she and Jack manage to sort things out before Hammond has his say?

But is Jack no longer sick? Is Janet not going to tell him what she thinks about going offworld when he was sick? But I do love her attitude ... and poor Jack's sore posterior. :o)
11/29/2007 c13 feb04
oh great fun ! all of them ganging up on him - sweet !LOL.
11/29/2007 c13 5smithcrafter
Oh boy! EVERYONE'S giving it to Jack, now, aren't they? It's hilarious, but I'm still a little disappointed that he didn't get REALLY sick! (I love a good Jack whump!)
11/29/2007 c13 87mishy-mo
cool :)
11/29/2007 c13 2MeadowUndertown
Hehe, i love Janet!

and come on! so not fair leaving us hanging like that! i want the convo between Sam and Jack!... please *pouts* i'll give you a cookie! :)

11/29/2007 c13 3gater62
Yay for stripping Jack!
11/29/2007 c13 90Zoser
Oh it wouldn't be "Strip!" would it?
11/28/2007 c12 sg1 huge fan
and he storm begins to unleash its wrath! heh looking forward 2 more soon :)
11/28/2007 c12 ChristinaS
I just finished reading from the beginning... Fantastic (as always). About the O'Neill's order: I thought it was him continuing to be pissy. On the other hand, when I was in the Air Force, one of my big problems was not appreciating the many nuances found within the simplest of orders. So, to me, his reaction to Sam's trip seemed expected, as did her interpretation of his words.

Please write more! Soon!
11/28/2007 c12 42ReganX
Re. the direct/indirect order, it does make a lot of sense. I think there was some fault on both sides there; Sam probably knew that Jack *intended* for her not to go offworld while the rest of the team was away, but since she was on downtime and not expressly *ordered* not to go offworld, she wasn’t actually breaking any rules. Jack overreacted to a perceived disobeying of his orders – in no small part because he was worried about what could have happened to her, and the fact that he was hurt by what he thought he overheard probably played a part in the harshness of his reaction.

This was a great chapter; nice to see them start to talk, but they have a bit further to go yet. It should get really interesting when they really start to dig deep - and when they have to come up with an explanation that will satisfy General Hammond.

I’m glad that they’ve at least clarified that Sam wasn’t talking about Jack in the conversation he overheard. That was something they needed to clear the air on as soon as possible.

Daniel really, really needs to work on his timing!

Looking forward to Chapter Thirteen.
11/28/2007 c12 1mummi troll
I know I haven't been good at reviewing this story, but I must say I love it - the characters are very in character, and I even think the premise of the story would be very believable!

It just saddens me to think that all of this happened because of a misunderstanding - but it sure makes for a good read!

Am anxiously awaiting the next chapter...
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