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11/28/2007 c12 gibblesgal
Pul leeze! If the air had been any thicker they would all have choked on it! I am totally caught up in this story and yet you continue to make it a teasing affair. Ouch! I don't know how you keep coming up with all the ideas that avoid the end results we are expecting. This cat and mouse game is fun, nevertheless. It keeps the story from ending but adds just a little more each chapter.
11/27/2007 c12 23nogigglingmajor
Finally! Lets see ya get outta this one Jackie boy!
11/27/2007 c12 froggy0319
Someone has got to tell Daniel about his bad timing ;) Thanks for another smile.
11/27/2007 c12 10Karibou
Oh, I do love watching men when they realize they've been utterly stupid. (All the better when the man is Jack!) Nice dialog. And, poor Daniel, he always seems to have the worst timing!
11/27/2007 c12 docderentis
wohoho! "Permission to speak freely, Sir!" is it tomorrow yet?
11/27/2007 c12 3gater62
Oh my! Daniel and his timing! LOL I can't wait for the next chapter!
11/27/2007 c12 3Caroline ONeill
For crying out loud... Update asap... OMG Daniel has really bad timing. Please please dont leave us hanging...Another fantastic chapter
11/27/2007 c12 90Zoser
Oh don't stop there!
11/27/2007 c12 5smithcrafter
Daniel and his impeccably HORRIBLE timing strike again! That next chapter had better come awfully quickly, or I won't have any fingernails left!
11/27/2007 c12 stusue
Great chapter! So, is 'Sam' going to get the chance to tell 'Jack' exactly what she thinks? Or, now that she's been interrupted, is 'Carter' going to remember her 'subordinate' place and swallow her words, not telling 'O'Neill' off, maybe giving him the silent treatment, the cold shoulder?

And what, if anything, are Daniel and Teal'c going to say or do to diffuse the situation? And is this going to get sorted out on the planet or is Hammond going to have a few things to say when they get back? And what's Janet going to have to say about the whole situation? Is she going to give Jack the really big needles? I really, really, really can't wait for the next chappie... :o)
11/27/2007 c12 10iwrite4fun
Oh man! I hope Sam and Jack get to finish this conversation-and I really hope Jack gets what's coming to him-from Sam!
11/27/2007 c12 6TwilightVamp1
lol another great chapter i love how daniel interupted a good moment and tell your beta she did a wonderful job as you did in this story!
11/27/2007 c12 feb04
damn ! daniels timing always was bad ! i was enjoying sam and jacks little chat ( almost arguing ), can't wait for more !
11/27/2007 c12 2MeadowUndertown

i've bin following this from the beginning and was gonna review at the end, but i just cant wait for Sam to 'blow up' i hope she kicks his ass!

enjoying the story by the way.

11/27/2007 c12 30Loufiction
Ah yes I adored the end of this chapter! This was brilliant!
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