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10/19/2021 c12 secprincess
Definitely a great twist on the story, I loved how you brought scenes and lines from the show into you story and incorporated them seamlessly. Kudos!
5/23/2010 c12 br097am
great story! i love the aspect of merder in this story
3/4/2009 c12 cafemaza
I loved this story!:)
2/6/2009 c1 4LeahElizabeth
Not big into Grey's but this was still good.
4/17/2008 c12 3Combo-Shlack
Je viens de voir que tu venais de France donc je suppose que je peux me permettre de laisser une review dans ma langue pour une fois ^^ Je suis tombée sur ta fanfiction tout à l'heure et j'ai tout lu d'un coup. C'était vraiment très bien écrit et j'ai adoré les dialogues :p J'ai hâte de lire tes autres fanfictions :)
4/3/2008 c12 Liz86000
One word: finally! :)
3/22/2008 c11 28Puck and Rachel fan
More soonish.

3/22/2008 c10 Puck and Rachel fan
I loved it.

3/21/2008 c11 1bright n shiny93
Omgosh! Yay, Mer told Derek! Yay! Can they be together now? Be all Bright n Shiny? hehe lol I love it! Can't wait.
3/20/2008 c11 19rolly21

poor mer though she just told Derek and he just stood there looking dumb
3/20/2008 c11 Liz86000
Umm, me thinks that Derek's jealousy of Mark & Meredith is only beginning! He let the wolf enter! LOL!
3/3/2008 c9 Liz86000
An update! YEAH!

And I loved it! But come on, they're SOO into each other, lol! Can't ait till Derek realizes that & beginns to fight for Meredith! By the way, is he divorced? Can't remember.. and he said "his wife", so..?
2/21/2008 c8 28Puck and Rachel fan
More soonish.

2/19/2008 c8 kay10300
Keep it coming!
2/18/2008 c7 Liz86000
Will you come back soon? Please? I miss this story!
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