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for Broken Hearts, Shattered Dreams

5/18 c23 Kitsune124
I love, happy endings, but even endings are not always happy
5/18 c19 Kitsune124
To tell you, I’m really enjoying the story, but I’ll be on this if that idiot tries anything to hurt his ex-wife. His kids that he’s not even a good father for and his old teammate who just became a demon Lord.

I feel pity for his mother that she may see her son in a nice place and where all the bad people go after they kick the bucket.

But if he even tries to do anything, he better praise to all the God in the assistance if he starts anything between Naruto in his family, he’s going to wipe the leaf off the map but keep the people he wants in a safe place
5/17 c13 Kitsune124
Even the Buddha could know when to be patient and when to be angry, but this is too far it was separate the mother of your children from her to kids you’re despicable uchiha!

To know what type of monster his brother to his now ex-wife and his kidds!
5/17 c13 Kitsune124
For one this is amazing for story but two I hope the council that emo snd kakashi regret their actions if not, they’re gonna lose more than they bargain for who is more than! Lady Tsunade lose in a year from gambling!
3/9 c1 Warsaw504
this is weird its like pseudo furry shit.
2/22 c1 1zSnako
This story is bootycheeks
2/5 c23 2Sacred Realm Of Time
A truly unique and good story.
8/3/2023 c23 tackler5.rb
Holy crap this last chapter brought me to tears! I do mot know if you still write, but i hope you do because this was beautiful from beginning to end
7/20/2023 c2 Cai Jones
First comment in 7 months and all i have to say is you have to be a discord mod “Whatever milady wants milady gets”
7/19/2023 c23 Fabio Lismont
First fic seriously? Good job easily top ten of my favorite naruto fic.
6/15/2023 c23 Boophaven
This was honestly an amazing conclusion to your story, very touching.
5/27/2023 c2 Username6166
I'm just gonna quit here before I have to deal with more cringy shit
4/7/2023 c23 3EliteOtaku111
Very touching, beautiful and great story, from beginning to end.
11/10/2022 c23 Archer957
Jesus this last chapter was a heart wrencher. fucking amazing story
10/22/2022 c23 Blanca
Has escrito una hermosa historia, original y bien desarrollada, muchas gracias por compartirla. Un saludo
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