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for Broken Hearts, Shattered Dreams

11/10/2022 c23 Archer957
Jesus this last chapter was a heart wrencher. fucking amazing story
10/22/2022 c23 Blanca
Has escrito una hermosa historia, original y bien desarrollada, muchas gracias por compartirla. Un saludo
10/1/2022 c1 hatimiamine15
this shit is garbage, sakura left them for sasuke and she tells ino "when sasuke kissed me I feel electric wave in my body.." and now she beg for forgiveness and you author-san forgive her...
she left her fucking son and husband for jerk and when she come you simply forgive her, I just don't understand what are you thinking author-san
8/22/2022 c2 grimme
i would feel sorry for kakashi and the loyal konoha nins if they werent such little shits in this fanfic...
to sum it up the important people all survived and that qualifies as a happy end even if half of them have to live in a different dimension.

great fanfic, great writing.

only critique would be the set up, the daimyo is important and can make the hokages life hell as well as influence the civilians but in the end the hokage is the military leader chosen by the military and konoha is a military autocracy.
if tsunade realy had wanted to make naruto hokage she would have been easily able to force the issue just based on the fact that she can make laws and decrees herself that the can only overrule after the fact.

put a few sunas disguiseing themselves as oto near the gate and have them throw a explosive tag and she could declare martial law on the grounds that they are under siege.
yeah tsunade was realy disappointing in this one.

still cant say it enough great story great writing.
you know your a good writer when you have your audience hating the antagonist exactly as much as you want them to. which i think you cleared with flying colors
8/19/2022 c4 ROBERT
when his ex wife and her mom and dad trying to get the clan moeny of Naurto had he fight back it her saying to them to fuke off and 2 the clan homes is not yours girl , so she get out the marring to Naruto who was her ex team mat and be with her into the abut black ops , so she was move out now, living with her mom and dad before marring her former boy chuse , Naurto had trying to be a good dad and was workings as a spy matser for the vaillge and trying to let it go with her , as for naruto had to be his own spy net workings and the vaillge own as one , for his time be a body huther is mass thing to workings but the moeny form had helping with Naurto and his son now, his son bed room had cool stuff into it like stuff bears and fox and some time he had fun with it now, when in time Naurto took over the books form his god father , now moeny form it helping now, his home offce had stuff he find one time form the red lights old bars and houses of sex stuff , too, even art form the past too, he put on the wall now, a hat band into it now, former inforeces cap had one beofre now his now, when ion was into looking over the house now, she get think of why his doing it now,
7/29/2022 c23 Kurasami
Thank you for begining in world 3.
3/25/2022 c23 Yami
I love it. I already expected the ending would turn like that since it was said a lot if times but... I really almost cried.
12/30/2021 c3 221Taijutsudemonslayer
This is a grade A story! I don't like Sasuke and his superior attitude and I love that Ino is willing to give Naruto a chance where Sakura wouldn't, really hope Sakura regrets destroying her family with Naruto and Hikaru.
12/11/2021 c1 LordLordyLord
Don't like it when people add modern songs from our world into the Naruto one. Unless it's a self insert, it never fits due to having no connection with the places of our world. Otherwise I think I would of heard about a McDonald's conquering some weird Japanese fantasy land where people spit fire... But... that would make for a funny crack fic. But in a romance where you are trying to be serious? Nah fam.

That and the romance is almost Twilight-level sappy. A man that has gone through that, and has been wounded as much as you put him in the beginning would be very cautious about who he opens his feelings up with, for fear of them being taken advantage of again and for fear of something similar happening in his child's life. Not to mention, guys usually aren't the type of people to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Doing so just makes this more seem like an author's fantasy, than a story.

It's just not for me.
11/15/2021 c23 DarkJoker95
This Last Chapter my me cry really bad haha this wasa really really good story. not the best iv read but really close
10/28/2021 c23 SonicBlast4444
Talk about an ending. Not many fanfics endings can bring me close to actually crying but damn. That got me. Its bren a few years since i read this well done. Just well done.
8/20/2021 c3 ROBERT
when Naruto had 1 had his son and he had him with it the red lights part and showing him were his dad living in before be a ninja and when the old hosing unit was it now his made into his offices and books stouts room now his ex home is it now , when keeping art of past bars and old time shops too, when his son sleeping in a bed now and get to workings on the black jack red lights bad club and it is last book too, when the gold bars and others stuff helping too, he had keeping his ways of life now, when HIKARU his son had get to seeing his dad old job took out bad guys and others kinds out , when his 1 book is form too , when keeping to doing books is way of showing a ways of get out of ones mind now,
8/12/2021 c23 ShagLadd
These God-Mother-Fucking-Damned ONIONS!
7/17/2021 c23 Autobot-Wolfsketch
This story this story right here is absolutely fantastic the ending was perfect and had me tear up and cry a little bit and that just make me enjoy this story all the more. absolutely fantastic.
7/6/2021 c23 JadeViper
Fantastic fic. Loved it and honest, that last chapter had me tearing up a bit good shit bro.
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