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for Not the Only Redhead

1/14 c56 william488
great read again. second time i read it. thankyou for your muse.
1/4 c42 14AnAnya Contd
this story so far is amazingly well written. but nearly all protagonists sooooo ooc that it boggles the mind ... a belligerent and quarrelsome HP , a most times reasonable Ron Weasley , a dead Hagrid , its.. its.. and why is this harry such an idiot and a brawler?
8/15/2023 c21 krystal.reynolds.520
Riddle was Head Boy in 1945 and McGonagall started in 1947. Because you asked what was canon.
8/12/2023 c38 Guest
This story has jumped the shark. Alien? Trelawney and Ginny? Ridiculous.
8/11/2023 c37 Guest
The funeral speeches are from Dune.

Quit having them say “ain’t.” It is completely out of character and is grating.
8/1/2023 c5 Jakulo
Best thing to describe this is a RAGING MAELSTTOM! Fckin speedrunning everything s like a fckin premature ejac to a super model
7/5/2023 c31 Guest
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3/14/2023 c10 Guest
10/14/2022 c52 HeartsGlow
Soooo, what killed Ginny?
10/13/2022 c49 HeartsGlow
So, the Potter line ends? I can't imagine who would want to get romantically involved with the Entity. I suppose someone might. Poor Susan.
10/13/2022 c47 HeartsGlow
Dennis is awfully "learned" for a mere thirteen-year-old! Why did Percy get to stay? he is non-essential, so to speak. Why not Remus? Sinistra?
10/13/2022 c46 HeartsGlow
Now I see what Trelawny meant when she took Ginny. However, how could the Tom Parasite possibly have beaten her?
10/13/2022 c43 HeartsGlow
WHY would the Aliens choose Ginny? Why not someone Harry can work with (Hannah, Hermione, Susan? Luna? Even Daphne?)
10/12/2022 c35 HeartsGlow
I hate you! Poor Hedwig.
10/12/2022 c34 HeartsGlow
"Ginny and Colin, the only fourth years"... forgetting Luna? WHY. in every chapter, do you call Lee or Dean "the black boy"?! What is wrong with you? Prejudiced much?
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